Flu Fighter

Spring season is the flu season. The weather is so humid and it is so smoggy in Hong Kong. The kids and I have been having running nose in the last few days and I also have a sore throat. On a day like this I need some warm and hearty food. When I am sick I always like to eat noodle soup or congee, and I always make my own broth.

Get a whole chicken and cut them into big chunks. Remove the skin, but we need all the bones.  Boil a large pot of water. Put the chicken pieces in it and put on high heat and boil for about 30 minutes then lower to medium heat and another hour. You want to make sure the water can cover all the chicken (but not too much).  Add carrots, onions and celery if you want a sweeter taste to the soup and boil for another half an hour (optional). After the soup is done, cool it down. There will be a layer of oil on the top, scrap it off.

IMG_2328Separate the broth, chicken and vegetables. You can take out some chicken meat and IMG_2344vegetables and reuse them if you want.

You can move them to the fridge when it’s is completely cooled down. You may see a layer of solid fat on too of the chicken broth the next day. Scrap it off again, the remainder should be a clear gelatin texture (collagen from the bones). Just heat up whenever you need chicken broth. You can also use it instead of water for cooking as when you want most taste and moisture. No oil. No salt. Lots of nutrition. The broth can be kept up to a week

I made Brown Vermecilli in soup with Fresh Prawns for my dinner. I added coriander, Lemongrass and chilli to my the soup. For my husband, I made Classic Chicken Noodle Soup (he prefers the Western version with pasta) with a Mexican twist adding coriander and lime. You can also eat it alone if you are on no carb..

Best flu fighter.


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