Get down to the source

“You are what you eat”.

We hear that a lot, and this is certainly in line with the Kenzai belief on diet. Natural food, not processed, simple cooking.

Living in modern days big city, I do appreciate the convenience to be able to get anything, almost anything in the supermarket. Mexican, Indian, Italian, Japanese…you name it. Because food can travel around the world, you can get most fruits and vegetables all yeIMG_4611ar around. You don’t have to care about what is in season anymore.

But sometimes I wonder, even they look like fresh food, are they fresh?? I sometimes feel unappetizing getting these almost too beautiful looking vegetables and fruits nicely packaged in plastic bags, but probably filled with pesticides and preservatives. Your children probably think all the food comes from the supermarket….

For the last two summers we took the family to the countryside in Hokkaido, Japan where it is filled with the world’s best produces. We usually stayed for a month. We visit the farm, pick our own vegetables, get milk and eggs directly from the farmers. it is the best healthy eating time for my family in the year. With fresh produce all around you, you will hardly feel any urge to open any canned food.

Back in the city, I mostly shop in the local market as much as I can, especially for fruits and vegetables. I tried to buy organic, and I try to buy local and seasonal. You will find your vegetables and fruits a lot more gresh and flavorful than the ones you pick up in the plastic bag in the supermarket. Although I have to admit sometimes I also get lazy and get everything in the supermarket.

So to remind myself about what is fresh food, I got down to the source today. I took the kids to the farm. Tomatoes are in season now, and you can find rainbow colors, various shapes of tomatoes in the farm. It reminds me what is real food, what is fresh food, and give me stronger power to stay away from the temptations of “beautifully” packaged food on the shelves.


Spring break is coming up. It is a very nice activity for the family. And you can get a lot of nice produce for your diet!!!

“If you really care about what you eat, it’s time to visit the farm. It is the first step on a journey that will surely transform your ideas about real food.” – Zen Organic Farm, HK.

If a field trip is too far for you and you are in Hong Kong. the Island East Market is just reopened from last week where they sell exceptional good quality local produce, food, arts and crafts on Sunday. There is also one in Sai Kung running every first Sunday of the month.

If even that is too much, venture out to the local markets. You will find new tastes for your taste buds.


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