Mexico Fiesta – Homemade Tacos

There are two cuisines that I think can be prepared way healthier and in fact more delicious when prepared at home. One is Mexican, the other is Indian. I am still at very early stage of learning how to cook good healthy Indian food (so many spices to play with!), but since Mexican is one of my husband’s favorite we eat a lot of Mexican at home. One of our favorites is “do-it-yourself” tacos.

Protein – Lean grounded beef, lamb, chicken, turkey or even grilled fish cooked with cumin, cayenne pepper, dry cilantro and paprika. Sometimes I use beef and lamb with some blended tomato sauce to make lamb chilli.

Vegetables – Chopped up lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or any other ingredients you fancy.

rp4o05lrbuplixelowwmFresh salsa: Chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, lime (nice to make a litte time ahead so the citrus will soak in
Roasted salsa: Same ingredients but just slight cooked them then coarse blend it

If you are on a no carb meal just eat it like that as a salad. Top with yogurt with paprika and even some guacamole (Make sure you count this as vegetables) as dressing for your salad.

If this is a carb meal just prepare your grams of corn or flour tortillas and make your own tacos. I like to lay everything out and make and eat them one by one. Great family meal too as kids can have fun making their own tacos.

Easy, fun, fresh, delicious.

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