Happy Birthday to ME!

It was 6:05am this morning and my husband gave me a gentle tap on my head.

“It’s 6:05am already. Shouldn’t you be getting up for yoga?” he asked.
” Nope. No yoga today.” I said.

An hour or so later I was up and getting dressed.

“Are those yoga jeans?” He asked.
“No, they are just jeans.” I answered, showing him the zipper on the jeans.

I have been thinking about how to name my Facebook page and website for a while now. I could use “Cora Lee Yoga”… Or “Cora Lee Wellness”…. When I told my husband that I want to call it “PLaY with Cora”, he goes “Really?!”


For people who know me, I am a rather obsessive person, and I have a “fire” element personality. If I was still in my own banker days I would have called myself “aggressive”, although as a “yogi” you probably want to stay away from this word. The most frequent reminders from my yoga teachers is to “slow down”, to “ease back” and “don’t be so hard on yourself”. So as I think about “PLAY” it’s a mindful reminder for myself to stay fun, be playful and not be so harsh on myself.

But there is a little more than that:

P for Play

I am a mother of 2, yet I want to think of myself as a fun mom, a hot partner and a cool friend!

L for Love

Love your body, love yourself. Eat clean, train dirty! I will share with you my healthy recipes and workout tips!


Y for Yoga

Yoga is my practice to stay PLAYFUL and LOVING.

So, today I turned 37. I am putting up my Facebook page and my website. I would continue to share with you about my fun life, my healthy recipes and my yoga journey.

Will you PLaY with me?

With playfulness and love,

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