Bowen Rooftop Flow with Cora and Heather

I finished my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in mid February. After the training, I was thinking… “Ok, now what’s next?”

Atha Yoga Anusasanum.

That is the first sutra in Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. It literally mean “the practice of yoga starts now”.  Every time I see this phrase I think of the slogan of a particular sports brand – “Just do it!”. That’s basically what it means. So just do it! Just go and start teaching everyone!

It’s easier said than done. It’s certainly not easy to be a new yoga teacher. The only way to get better in teaching is.. well.. teach! But where can you find your students? I thought it would be difficult. But turns out in this town a lot of people would love to do yoga. You just have to reach out to them. Offer yourself and teach some community classes. Go teach your mother, your father, your friends… really…

Then I had an idea. I decided to host a yoga event on my rooftop. First I found a partner-in-crime, Heather (who is also in my Teacher’s Training) to co-teach with me (so we can share the burden haha…). Then I asked my dear hubby who is an “amateur” DJ and photographer (that’s what he called himself” if he can play music at the event, and at the same time be the photographer (yes, sorry you have to do both!). Things started coming along. He took some pictures of me and Heather and we posted the event on Facebook. We started inviting our friends, and asked our friends to bring their friends. A week later we got more than 50 people said they are coming.

As the event was coming along we decided we could do a little bit more. I started contacting people who are in the wellness business to see if they can sample some of their products at the event. We ended up sampling some healthy snacks and canapes sampled by Living Alive after the yoga class. Dehydrated masala flavored fruit chips; Cocoa dusted almonds;  What’s better than having some healthy snacks after yoga class?!

You can find the full line of Living Alive’s snacks @

Pineapple board Living Alive full snacks

Then we got LOVE OUR NATURE, an eco-friendly skincare brand founded by husband and wife – Yik Lun and Yin Sum to sample their handmade rose cream made with only natural ingredients. So not that we had some healthy treats, we also had radiant skin!


You can find LOVE OUR NATURE’s products @

Ok. Back to the event itself. It was just so much fun to see everyone gathering together for a lovely Sunday morning. Everyone was just having a good time catching up with old friends, and meeting with new ones.

20150329 - Bowen Hot Flow - 917 20150329 - Bowen Hot Flow - 920 20150329 - Bowen Hot Flow - 600 20150329 - Bowen Hot Flow - 099

20150329 - Bowen Hot Flow - 446

It is not the fanciest venue, and it was definitely not the most convenient place to hold a yoga class. However, it’s playful, fun, and intimate.

It’s an event full of love, friendship and support from one another. And that is my main purpose of doing this event – to create a platform for new teachers like me to bring their friends (and friends’ friends) to get together to share our love for yoga.

20150329 - Bowen Hot Flow - 396

With everyone’s support I feel so empowered. I think this can be a recurring event… So every month I will co-teach with a different teacher. And I would like to bring in more small local brands to showcase their products in the upcoming events.

If you are interested in future events, please email me at or add me on Facebook at

So… Who is in for the next event?

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