Daybreak Dance Party! Whoopee!

So what do you usually do at 6:30am in the morning?

Well, I am a morning person, so I am usually up by this time of the day, getting ready to go to my yoga practice.

But this morning I was already at a bar/club by 6:30am, joining Hong Kong first’s early riser dance party!!

IMG_0120I put on my loudest prints, reached a club that I used to go quite a bit during my partying day, which includes “memories” (or no memories!) of being drunk, it’s kinda weird to be back here COMPLETELY SOBER and at 6:30am in the morning sipping cold pressed nut milk and nibbling on dehydrated fruit chips.

20 minutes later we started the party with a chant, led by one of the most inspiring yoga teachers in Hong Kong, Claudia Whitney, before she moves to Australia tomorrow with her husband, Jason Nogoy, who is also the DJ of the event.

The tunes kicked in, and people started dancing. There were hula hoops, aerial silks… everyone was having a fantastic time.

Sadly, I had to leave early as I had a class to teach but was glad I got to be there and see fellow yogis getting together doing something fun and different instead of in our normal yoga class.

People go to yoga for different reasons. Some wants to stretch (yea.. for a lot of people think yoga = stretching…), some wants to find an hour to be away from their busy life and be closer to their inner self. Today my experience at Club Whoopee reminded me that yoga is also a community. It’s a community when people get together to share and spread their positive energy and love to one another.

I hope this can be a recurring event. And thank you Claudia, Jason, May and Dee to put this event together. Hong Kong Yoga community will be different without you. Wish you all the best. xoxo. Cora

IMG_0122 IMG_0133 IMG_0137

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