From Fat to Thin to Fit – Part 1 : FAT


This is my when I was 16.

A friend of mine has created a Facebook page called “Strong and Fit is IN!  Stick Thin is OUT!” She is in artist in the entertainment industry, where skinny is always the “norm”. However she decided to “break the trend” and and now she is known for her strong toned body and beautiful curves. I just love it. I myself has gone through all kinds of body shapes from being fat to very skinny to how I look like right now. People think I am always skinny (I don’t like that word, as we now know we want to be fit not skinny). No one believes I used to be fat so I guess the only way to prove myself is to disclose my horror pictures. Anyways, I told her I would share my story. And when I started writing it became a full 3 page long story. So I decided to break it into 3 sessions. And here we go. Part 1 – FAT After years of hearing people saying things like 
”You are the lucky one who can eat a lot and remain slim”. 
”You got the skinny gene”. Now I tell you. I started off FAT. I was FAT.


This is me when I was 12 years old.

Although I never got my DNA tested. I am quite sure I don’t have a skinny gene. In my teenage I was rather plump. Most of the people in my family were/are on the round side. Most of the girls in my family are pear-shaped with big bottoms and thick thighs. I started blowing up at my puberty, starting probably at 12. My peak weight was over 130 pounds at a height of 5’4 at the age of around 16. I hated any kind of exercise. In fact I ran away from my P.E. class majority of the time. It was also the era when fast food and processed food were the “great” food choices as parents were working and these food were cheap, fast and tasted “good”. Remember the days when most kids had their birthday parties at McDonald’s? Remember when Pizza Hut was considered THE best pizza in the world? How instant noodles and spam were considered the best creation in the food industry. Well that’s how I grew up. I do know people who had the skinny gene. At age 16 you had a great metabolism and I had friends who basically ate only junk and still skinny. But that was not me. I was fat, unattractive and very unhealthy. I was pretty ashamed of myself and I had very low confidence. Then what happens next? Oh well, you will have to read on tomorrow….

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