From Fat to Thin to Fit – Part 2: Thin

This is me when I was 26.

This is me when I was 26.

So yesterday I disclosed my horror pictures. I hope I did not scare everyone and you are still coming back and hear the rest of my story.

Continuing my story. So I was fat. When did I start to change?

When you are 16 and you are fat you know what happens. You do not get boys. and people laugh at you. I had very low self esteem and I was pretty ashamed of how I looked. I wondered whether I could ever date a boy… So I started to go on diet. Not the healthy way. Not that I stopped eating processed or junk food, I probably had completely stopped eating completely. Thinking back I was lucky my body did not end up with major issues, but I lost about 30 pounds and was down to below 100 when I was 18. I still did not exercise.

Well, at least at that point I could finally get boys (haha!) and that’s when I entered my period of “self-abuse”.

Bali Family Trip - Aug 2009 - 1296

This is me on my slightly “rounder” days

Let’s just say the next 10 years of my life involved A LOT of drinking and partying. I was away from my parents at my university days. Bad. Food choices were bad. It was North America after all and there was a lot of “dinosaur-sized” food… plus a lot of beer and cheap hard liquor. Then I came back to Hong Kong and worked in the finance field. Even worse. I was pretty much drinking 6 days a week (after work drinks every day, plus a lot of partying).

When I thought I had the youth and metabolism to “abuse” my body, eventually the “consequences” caught up. You have to pay for what you did. As I got older my metabolism went down. Without exercise it means you started blowing up like a ball. The belly fat was coming out. I consistently felt puffy and bloated. So I started to cut down drinking, and went through my “healthy eating” period trying to reverse all the damage I have done to myself. At least that was what I thought I was doing.


This is my when I was super skinny, at about 100 pounds.

No. By “eating healthy” I meant I had went through any kind of diets available. No carbs, gluten free, raw, vegan, cabbage soup diet… etc. You named it, I have tried it. Then my shelf was starting to fill up with tons and tons of “health supplements” which included a lot of weight loss products and without realizing I was probably popping 40 pills a day of all sorts.

Did it work? Yes and no. My weight just kept yoyo-ing up and down.  I was either skinny like a stick and consistently feeling hungry and tired. Otherwise even though I never got too fat, I was definitely not fit. No muscles, some belly weight, round thighs, flappy arms. But most importantly is I did not feel healthy.Then something magical happened, and I went through a major transformation.about 3 years ago.

Want to know what happened? I will finish off my story tomorrow.

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