From Fat to Thin to Fit – Part 3: Fit (Yeah!)


Every summer I spend a month in Hokkaido living in the farms and cook healthy food.

So for the first 34 years of my life I was not really looking after my body.

When I was in my teenage, I just ate junk food and never exercised. I was fat.

Then I put myself into all kinds of extreme diets to try to lose weight and keep myself thin and  completely screwed up my body and metabolism. At the age of 26 I probably had a body like a 46 years old… oh wait.. an unhealthy 46 years old. I was not fat anymore, but I was not healthy.

I think my change for a real healthy lifestyle started when I had children. Yes it was a boring story but it’s logical. And since I quitted my banking job to become a full time mom I did not need to entertain anymore. I massively cut down my drinking and partying.. Then when you become a mother you become more conscious about what your family is eating. I started eating healthier food, and I started a little bit of exercise. Not much, but at least I started.


Day 90 when I was doing the Kenzai Body Program

However, the real transformation happened much later.

Few months after I gave birth to my second child I started going kickboxing with my husband as we could hardly spend anytime with each other with two young kids so we started “kickboxing dates”. That was the first time I really started exercise in my life. Then a little later on my wedding anniversary, I went to my first yoga class and since then there was no turning back.

I completely fell in love with yoga, and I started practicing daily ever since. Yoga not just strengthen my body physically, it brought me awareness of what my body really needed. Slowly I moved myself away from processed food, unhealthy treats and started to eat REAL, HEALTHY food. As a mother of two I also started experiment more in healthy cooking for the family, and the last thing you want is to feed them processed food or lots of different supplements.

This is me at age 36, post 2 children.

This is me at age 36, post 2 children.

Exactly one year ago, on April 1, I joined a fitness program called Kenzai Body. It required me to follow 90 days of cardio and resistance exercise and a strict diet with all natural food. Not only you cannot eat anything processed, the diet required you to all alcohol and any additional salt, sugar and oil for 90 days. It was not easy. However, I never needed to starve myself on this diet. I was eating real food, including bread, pastas, steaks, chicken, and well, a lot of eggs. At the same time as you are eating all natural food it requires you to prepare and cook everything from scratch. No more store bought sauces or microwave meals. From all the chopping, cutting and cooking and experimenting I think I have become a pretty good cook. =)

Most importantly it was an awakening call for me on realize how much hidden sugars, salts and preservatives are we normally putting in our bodies, and how your body would feel different without them. In the 90 days I did not pop one single supplement pill, and I felt my body was working at the “peak condition” (in fact Kenzai used to be called PCP, which stands for Peak Condition Project). With the right food, the right exercises, my body started to transform. I am definitely “bigger” and “healthier” than my skinniest days, but I feel strong. I feel good energy most of the time. Now I mostly follow an all natural food diet. I eat all kinds of food. I am not skipping any good groups, but I maintain IMG_6585good mindful eating habits. For people who know me they laugh at me packing my own fruits and hard-boiled eggs every day. Well, that’s how I keep myself from reaching out to that pack of potato chips.

I just turned 37 last week, and I feel great about my body. I like the fact that I can eat anything, as long as I am in good control, and I try to stay with all natural food. Then I do my exercises and yoga to keep my body fit and toned. I am still “naughty” once in a while, enjoying my vino and cheese with my hubby and champagne brunch with my girlfriends.

Who says a mom of two cannot be fun, hot and fit?

For that reason, on my birthday last week, I have launched my own website and Facebook page, hoping to share my inspiration, my workouts and my healthy recipes with everyone.

So here is my story… If you want to hear more, you can visit my new one-week old website at so I can share more with you. You can also go to my Facebook page

Cora 16 26 36 Transformation

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