Weekend Food Prep

As a mother of 2 I have a pretty busy life. I run around with the kids’ schedules everyday.  And on top of that I just started my new career with yoga teaching and I am also working on my blogs, events etc. A busy schedule is when you start making bad choices in eating. For the last few weeks I have been a bit disorganised and eating quite a lot outside or ordering food in, and sure enough I have gained a little bit of weight. Not that it is a big deal but my message here is “planning is key” when it comes to clean healthy eating. And of course, home made food, as you can control on the ingredients, the portion and you know what you are putting into your mouth.

It is difficult to cook 3 meals a day from scratch every day especially if you are cooking for yourself, your kids and your husband. My husband and my 6 year old packs lunch to work/school most of the time. So a lot of time I prep my food over the weekend. It does take a little bit of your effort and time over the weekend.. I found prepping food ahead of time helps me to make more nutritious choices all week long. It does not mean I cook everything ahead and throw them in the fridge like microwaved TV dinners. Food like vegetables are always better when it’s cooked fresh, and I mostly do NOT cook my meat ahead. But there are some dishes that you can prepare ahead of time to make your meal planning in the coming week a lot more efficient.

So this weekend I made:

– Salmon patties (made with salmon, potatoes, carrots and mixed vegetables. Great power snack).


– Cauliflower couscous (Cauliflower with mixed vegetables. Amazing carb replacement, can be mixed in salad or heat up as “fried rice”)


– Spiced quinoa with mixed vegetables


– Mexican chilli


– Shredded chicken breast (great for sandwiches, salads, wraps)


– Hard boiled eggs (one of my main protein source)


– Steamed sweet potatoes (my carb, my snack, AND DESSERT when I crave for something sweet!)


And then I marinated some protein, made some brown rice, and cut up some veggie sticks for use in the next few days and I am all sorted. All I need to do is to stir try some vegetables and cook the protein and I can mix with any of the carb source. Just on top of my head I am thinking about Mexican tacos with chill beans, Salmon patties with cauliflower couscous, Grilled chicken breast with spiced quinoa, Cobb salad with shredded chicken. Vegetarian mexican fried rice, Simple steak with sweet potatoes…  With food prep most of the time I will need 15-20 minutes to whip up a meal.

Another interesting is, with food prep, since you already got some idea of what you have in hand, throughout the week you can play “magician” and start playing with variations of recipes. For example, I got shredded chicken breast. I can start looking up recipes that contains “shredded chicken” and start creating recipes from there. I have discovered interesting recipes like Mexican chicken soup with lime and avocado, vietnamese chicken rice etc. this way.

Later in the week I will write a post on what I have made this week with my food prep.

It’s a really fun exercise. So clear your schedule for an hour on Sunday for food prep and eat healthy all week long!

Happy cooking everyone!

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