Do small things with great love

xfi2amqes0wxozbpshpaI just went to the gym this morning and it was very busy. I guess everyone is back from their Easter holiday and need to shed a little holiday weight. You see it every time after holidays. Christmas, after Chinese New Year. The gym is busy and even a 4pm yoga class is full (Don’t people need to work?!) And then two weeks later it gets back to “normal”.

It’s always great to get back to workout routines and clean eating. People set their big goals to get fit and eat clean after holidays. But it’s even better if we can sustain instead of falling back in a few weeks.

One of my favourite inspiration mottos is  – “Do small things with great love”.

In fact I normally don’t set big goals, as I know things change all the time and I may not be able to stick with my goals. Your body changes too. You may need something different a few months later. Your passion changes. You might be into doing resistance now and few months later found yourself more into cardio or running. I used to only do hot yoga and now I probably go once or twice a week.  

You don’t need to make big goals… But you can do something very small and completely change the perspective of things.

  • If you are feeling uninspired with your monotonous workout at the gym, how about taking it outdoors?
  • How about making some time and plan a good music mix before your workout? I have been feeling unmotivated with my cardio (I know as I keep checking the clock and think… Is it 15 minutes yet?). So for the last few days I made a little effort choosing my music (I choose 3 upbeat songs that are about 5 minutes each).
  • Try to arrive your yoga class 5 minutes earlier to center yourself.
  • Wear something nice for your workout (I love my motivation tanks and funky tights!)
  • Plate your food. Make it look pretty, and properly enjoy your meal without distraction for a change.

All these little things add up… They will help us enjoy and sustain our healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least… When you “do small things with great love”, apply it to the people around us as well.

  • platePack a healthy love bento for your husband so he does not have to go out and fight with the lunch crowd to grab their healthy salad (the healthy food joints get really busy these days!)
  • Put a sticky note on top of your kid’s lunch box and remind him to eat their veggies.
  • Give your good friend a call (or you can send message) if you have not seen him/her at the gym or in yoga class for a while.

All these little things add up. You don’t need big goals. You just need great love.

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