What I learn from my kids from their “Trouble” eating…

These are my two kids, Xavier and Zoe Anne. They are 6 and 3 respectively. They are pretty cool children most of the time.

IMG_0082 IMG_0081

IMG_1032It’s the first day after Spring Break and the kids are starting class again. It means they have to wake up a little early, and get back to their school routines.

My daughter is only going to playgroup at the moment. When she come back from her class, she was extremely cranky. She was having a little meltdown.

When kids have meltdown it’s always because she is hungry or tired or a combination of both. As soon as you get her some food and nap then she is active and cheery again.

Lesson 1: When you are cranky, it usually means you are hungry or tired.

A lot of times we as adults are the same. When we are not eating enough or not having enough sleep we get cranky. When we eat well and have a full 8 hour sleep we become a much nicer person.


IMG_1018Then she get on her lunch. She is a pretty good eater. She loves her food and eats pretty well. At the end of the dinner she left two bites of eggs and a few peas on the plate. Then she said, “Mommy, I am full.” And she walked off.

Lesson 2: When you have enough to eat, stop eating.

What do you do when your kid leave some food on the plate?’

“Come on, only two bites left. Just finish it.”

“Don’t waste your food.”

Does that sound familiar?

I do the same sometimes too. And what’s more is most adults (including myself) will most likely go ahead and finish off the plate not because we are still hungry but because it’s there. She, however, was just listening to her body. She has no concept of of what is being “wasteful”. She stopped eating because she was full. As simple as that.


IMG_8084Then my son came home from school. He is on full day school now, and he must be too excited to get back to school he
didn’t really eat his lunch at school so when he got home he was super hungry. He immediately went into the kitchen and “raided” the cupboard and started looking for all the junk food he could possibly find.

Lesson 3: We start to binge and make bad choices on our food when we are over starved.

At least that is my case. On the days that I didn’t have time for breakfast, or I skipped lunch, I ended up eating a lot and making some bad choices to “catch up”. Most of the time I feel really sick afterward.

Eat at the right time, eat the right amount, and have enough rest. It is that simple and straightforward.

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