I am from Hong Kong! (Introducing my favorite local fitness clothing)

Tonight I went to swim wear launch party. When you hear “swim wear launch party” you are probably imaging a lot of hot women in bikinis… Only this time this is men’s swim wear…  The brand name is called Mazu Swimwear, featuring swim trunks with inspired prints that represent Hong Kong from old junk boats to bamboo prints.

I love it.


“A true blend of tradition and modernity, Māzŭ pays homage to Hong Kong’s rich maritime history; incorporating traditional colours, local motifs, and unique fabrics to create classic swim shorts for the man who understands quality and comfort.”

For their collection you can find at:


Most of the local brands fit better for Asian sizes, and they are just so much more fun and different, yet, with very high quality craftmanship and materials. And hey! I am born and raised in Hong Kong. I love to support local HK designers!

There are a few more local sportswear brands I love:


I first fell in love with Omberry when I saw their Audrey Tank. It was in one of their earlier “Fab 50s” collection. When it came out most people were just wearing Lululemon’s Power Y Tank or Cool Racerback (No offence…. I love them to a point I probably have too many of them). But the Audrey Tank was so different. It was so stylish, so feminine and so graceful. While yoga “fashion” is more common now Omberry was definitely the one of the earlier adopters for “studio to street” yoga clothing. The Audrey Tank is still one of my favourite yoga tops, especially on days when I want to show more of my feminine side.


Omberry “Audrey Tank”


Sabina Swims

I first come across Sabina Swims when I was pregnant. What can you wear on the beach when you are heavily pregnant??! I was not comfortable to show my growing belly. Then someone introduced me to Sabina Swims who features beautiful tankinis which not just covers your yummy but it has ruched sides with adjustable drawstrings so th
at the suit can grow with you through your pregnancy. The fabric and cutting are amazing and I now even wear them when I am not pregnant. They have bikinis, one piece and guess what? KID’S COLLECTION too!


Sabina Swims Tankini


A day with Fé

This is my new favourite yoga brand founded by a dear yoga friend Fé Velvekens. Her collection of yoga clothing are made with amazingly soft and comfortable materials,with beautiful elegant cuts and versatile styles. What I love most about it is each garment has a little mantra inside to give us a little mindful reminder about “what we are looking for is already there”.

This is my in my Eau Dreamy Top.


adaywithfé Eau Dreamy


Fun night tonight, and it’s definitely more than male models in swimsuit. It’s just great to see more local brands with original designs in Hong Kong!


Mazu Swimwear Launch Party

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