Edventure Niseko – The best family vacation in Summer

Wnen we hear about Niseko most people would think about a ski vacation. Very few people know that Niseko is a beautiful place to go to in the summer.

Four years ago my friend Chi Guillemette, who is also the mother of two beautiful girls in which one of them was in the same class as my son, told me she had this wonderful idea of running a outdoor family camp in Niseko. Unlike other summer camps where you would just drop off your kids, this is a camp for the family. I thought it was a wonderful idea, and I went along. It was the most amazing experience for my family. I was supposed to stay for two weeks and I extended my trip to a full month, and since then I spent a month in Niseko in summer every year.

On camp days it always starts with a family activity. We might go visit the farm, cherry picking, fishing… but everyday is different. The children will then participate in the camp by themselves in the afternoons, giving the parents a little bit time for themselves. Every weekend there is an overnight camping activity, in which we would put up our own tents, cooking over campfire, and sleep and play surrounded by stunning natural surroundings. Since last year we have got a great addition “Coach Tim” Timothy King, who is a PE teacher in a renowned international school in Hong Kong. In the afternoon Tim would lead fun sports camp, building obstacle courses with the children, and all kinds of outdoor activities.

IMG_7036   IMG_7118 IMG_7432

There is also cultural exchange in the camp, where the kids will meet with the other children in the local school, taking Taiko drumming lessons together. Last year the kids even got on a radio show with the local radio station.

10525389_786133071431987_5788867758336836471_o  Football Toya Camp

Another thing that drives me to Niseko is the food. We always talk about “Get down to the source”. This is where your dream of cooking and eating with the best, natural ingredients and produces come true. I think everyone agrees Japan has amazing produce, and within Japan the best of the best produce comes from Hokkaido. With the fertile soil of Mount Yotei, a dormant volcano, the produce there is absolutely has the most amazing flavours that I have never experienced from anywhere else in the world. So every year I spend time visiting the farm, cook and chop in the kitchen, making my meals with the most amazing ingredients one can possibly imagine.

IMG_7157 IMG_6944

I am going back this year for the fourth year, and I would highly recommend families who are looking for places to go in summer to take a look into this camp.  And if you happens to be there, we can hang out and I can workout together, do yoga together and do some amazing cooking together!

You can check out more information on their website:


Or Facebook page at:


There will be an information session about the camp coming Wedesday, Apr 22 at 6:30pm. If you want to know more, come along!

Details of Information Session of Edventure Niseko 2015:



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