The Gym right in the centre of the bar area!

The biggest fitness franchise in Hong Kong, Pure Fitness just opened their new branch in California Tower in Lan Kwai Fong, one of Hong Kong most infamous bar district.

The first few things popped up in my mind –

1. Yay! I have a place to shower and freshen up before I go out for drinks.

2. Yay! If I drink too much and smell stinky I can pop in for a shower.

3. Yay! I can go for a quick session before I go out on a Friday.

Then I was thinking…  I really need to have tremendous self control if I walk up to the gym on a Friday night and everyone is sipping their beer…. (I know I can’t…)

Ok.. I am just kidding. Honestly I don’t drink that much (anymore…).

So this morning I decided I wanted to check out the new gym. It’s located in the California Tower and it takes up the space from 14/F to 19/F of the building. With limited space in Hong Kong you found most of the gyms (including Pure at Kinwick and Pure at Lee Theatre” designed in similar way – i.e. having multiple floors for different areas.

The reception is on the 18/F with Nood Food Juice Bar and a small lounge area. The Nood here is only the juice bar so if you want their yummy salad or roasted chicken you still need to go to Pure at Kinwick.


Nood Food

The whole 19/F is the Ladies’ Changing room with a nice lounge area with daybeds. That is a little odd for a gym in my point of view. I have to say the changing room is really nice and spacious. However, I cannot take pictures.. =P In my point of view I would prefer a larger lounge area next to the juice bar (the one they have now is really small with only 2 tables)  instead of next to the changing room. I found that setup a little strange.


Lounge Area

They have dedicated floors for cardio and weight training and I have to say the space is great. It’s much more spacious than Kinwick. It also has big windows and beautiful floorings giving it a more warm, natural feel to the gym compare to Pure Fitness Kinwick and Lee Theatre. And the ceiling are high too. I liked it. They have a nice big boxing ring too but I still prefer the one at IFC.




Weights Training


Boxing Ring

Since I mostly train on free body exercise, jump ropes and resistance bands I mostly use the stretch/gymnastic floor and WOW is it spacious?! I was super happy to see they have a whole big floor for stretches and gymnastics and they even got a rock climbing wall!


Rock Cliimbing Wall

The only strange thing about the Gymnastic floor is – there is no one single mirror.

I like to see how my alignments looks like in a handstand. I want to know whether my pike is at 90 degrees.. but sorry. No mirror.



Apart from that I think it’s a really nice gym. I still like the one floor big space at IFC (and the view) but I do like LKF more than Kinwick. The only thing is you have to be in good control if you are coming in for an evening workout so you don’t head for the bar instead. And if you are coming for a morning workout, wear a mask! (as the whole LKF was full of empty bottles and garbage from the night before).


I guess my conclusion is I feel pretty mixed with the new Pure Fitness. But it’s nice and new and not that many people yet. So if you are a member go check it out. They are all setup and up in running.

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