Where is your workout space?

So where do you workout? Do you always go to the gym? or do you workout at home as well?

For my yoga practice I used to only take classes at the studio. As I am getting deeper into the practice I started doing some self practice and it usually takes place at 5am in the morning before everyone wakes up, and I practice in my living room.texffdiw7ltu7fgme3i6 (1)For my workout, I do go to the gym sometimes, but most of the time I workout at home. Most of my full workout routines are only 30-40 minutes long and it is just more convenient to not have to commute. And if I don’t have enough time some I even just go for a quick 20 minutes workout and it dos not make sense to run to the gym for that.

If you do workout at home, where is your workout space?

I found having a fixed workout space at home helps to get you motivated to do the exercise. I don’t mean you have to do the exercise at the same spot (I skip outside of my house on fine weathers and I move inside when it rains). What I mean is you have your setup – your dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga blocks, mats…  whatever you use for your exercise and have them ready in an “easy-to-reach” place instead of the back of your cabinet or on the top of the shelf. I do my yoga self practice and my exercises in my living room and I have a cabinet where I put my mat, my push up bars, my ropes and my bands.

You don’t need fancy equipment at the gym. Setup your home with a few, simple, cheap equipments and make no more excuse about not having enough time to exercise in the morning, working too late or have to stay home with kids on the weekend.

You can always make a little bit of time for that… at your home gym.

20150419 - Caronia Yoga Poses - 004

2 thoughts on “Where is your workout space?

  1. Pineal Pushups

    Wow, Great Article!.. It really kept me interested all the way through. I’ll be coming back to read more from your blog as soon as I get the time 😉


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