Always “FULL”

One of them is “常滿”, Literally it means “Always full’. You know…. Always have enough to eat… Full of riches… full of blessings…

As a mindful eater we probably don’t want to be “always full”… but when I see the phrase I thought about “fullness” in a different way.

It may sound a bit extreme, but be able to do things “fully” is the secret weapon to success. When you do your exercise, do it fully. It means dropping everything else and completely dive yourself into your 35/40 minutes of workout.

1. Set up your station. Get all the gear you need. Read through the workout before you start.

2.. Once you start, focus. It means your mind is not going to wander elsewhere while you are doing your exercise. Instead of robotically going through the motions, you are consciously completing every rep in every set.

3. This even applies to the breaks. If it says 15 seconds in between the sets, rest fully in that 15 seconds. If you are standing up, drop your bands, stand in FULL Tadasana (legs straight, chest up, head entered). If you are lying down, rest your 15 seconds in full Savasana.

4. In yoga practice, do every pose fully. If your legs are supposed to be straight, make them COMPLETELY straight. If you are supposed to bend your knee to 90 degree, check and see if it is 90 degree. Do it to your max in single posture. Keep your focus and do not let your mind drift around. I went to a yoga practice for 2 hours yesterday and it flew by like it was only an hour. When you are fully present, you completely immerse yourself in your practice and there is nothing else.

Be present, do it FULLY. You will find a big difference in your workout and your yoga practice.

Same thing when you eat. No, no, no, I am not asking you to always eat until you are very full. I mean, when eating, just eat. Keep your TV and computer screen away. Be fully immersed in your meal. Enjoy every single bite. If you pay full attention to your food while you are eating, your brain will send the message “I ate something, and I am full” and you will know when it is enough. You’ll also become more aware of what you are eating and will allow you to make mindful choice with your food.
We have too many distractions around us all the time. Try to focus and do everything FULLY is a great mental practice.

Wish every one always “FULL”.

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