I am the least patient person I know.

I remembered there was a time I was struggling with my yoga practice. When I discussed with my friend about it she said, “I think your mind is going too fast. Before you set up your foundation you already tried to move into full pose”. Well said. That is absolutely spot on.

For me (or probably for many people), patience is one of the hardest thing to cultivate. I used to work on a sales trading desk, where everything moved so fast. And now I am a mother of two children there is always something happening in the house. My lack of patience does not only reflect in my yoga practice, but in everything, in my relationships, as parents….

If you ask me the number 1 thing I need so work on as a person, it will be to cultivate more patience.

May is the month for Mother’s Day, and I think as a mother patience is a difficult practice, yet, so important for the upbringing of our children.

And as a yoga teacher patience is of course, essential for teaching.

So this month I would like to focus my page with a center idea on “Patience”. I will share my stories, my challenges, tips and everything on this subject, hoping to bring awareness to more people to learn to be more patient in this fast moving society.IMG_2010

At the entrance to my house in Hong Kong there is a gate with an arch. Six year ago I bought some flowering vines (climbing flowers) hoping to grow some flowers around the arch. This spring when I looked at the gate the flowers have finally reached the other end. The flowers have fully blossomed with beautiful red flowers all around the arch. It took a full six years for the vine to climb from one end to the other.

Every morning when I passed by the gate and see the flowers it reminds me something takes time.

My yoga practice has been helping me cultivate more patience (God knows how agitated I am as a person if I don’t have yoga!). One of the asanas I am working on is free handstand.

I have been training handstands for quite a while now but I still cannot do handstand off the wall. Occasionally I can only leave the wall for a few seconds but it’s still a hit or a miss. Because of that I get very impatient, and sometimes I just totally give up and avoid to train.

So I am setting up a challenge for myself for this month. I will practise my handstand everyday for the month of May, and everyday I would take a picture and share it on Instagram and my Facebook.

You can check out my other posts on this topic and track my progress of the Headstand Challenge on my

Facebook: or

Instagram: playwithcora

How about you? Think about something you would like to work on and give yourself a challenge in May and do it everyday. And let’s see how much we can progress at the end of the month.

Who’s with me?

Remember to share your challenge and your progress with me.

3 thoughts on “Patience

  1. I just said on my blog today a very similar thing haha I’m working on standing splits this month 🙂 Patience is a very important virtue, something I have needed to learn.


    • @Yogibeck: Good luck on your standing splits! I have been practising handstand for a while but my practice has not been consistent because I get frustrated that I just can’t seem to leave the wall. Let’s hope the commitment to work on this everyday would take me a small step further. Just read your blog post. Love it.


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