I am a fashion blogger too!

I remembered the days when I got super excited when Lululemon came out with their reversible Wunder Under Leggings. One pair of pants, two colors!! What more can you ask for? My next favorite from Lululemon is Cool Racerback pair with Free to be Bra. I must have 20 Cool Racer Backs and probably more free to be bras… Haha.

Things changed dramatically to yoga and athletic clothing now.

I was reading a blog post on Scary Mommy and one of the lines was… “Your version of dressing up versus dressing down means choosing between yoga pants, and your “good” yoga pants.” Haha.. Definitely made me crackle. I do wear yoga pants everywhere. I have friends even wearing them to work.

For those who have read my blog, you probably already know I am into loud prints, especially in summer.

So I thought I would start sharing some yoga (athletic) fashion on my blog.

I will go through all my favorite brands, and I would also introduce some newer brands that people may not know about.

I will also start talking about how to dress up and down in yoga clothing.

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