Miss Funky Tights – I WEAR LIQUIDO!

“What are you wearing today ‘Miss Funky Tights’?”

That is what my husband likes to call me these days, as he sees me wearing these crazy patterned leggings from animal prints to rainbow stripes to floral prints…

It was really not so long ago when you walked into the yoga class the only brand that people wore is Lululemon. Everyone was wearing them, including me. I got so excited when the newest color of the Power Y tank or the Free to be bra came out. I think at least have 20 Free to be bras in different colors. I remember when my tie dye Hardtail leggings was considered pretty wild already…

Then a new trend emerged – patterned yoga leggings. From animal to floral to patterns to anything in between, you can see them all. And I have to say I love all of them, and before I knowing it, I have filled my closet up with a rainbow colors of patterned leggings.

I picked up my first loud print leggings at the Asia Yoga Conference last year, and from there there was no turning back. And this particular pair of leggings was from a Brazilian brand called Liquido Active.


My very first pair of Liquido Active Leggings

Liquido Active was probably one of the first brands that started patterned leggings, and they have absolutely nailed it.

  • They are made of  90% Polyamide 10% Spandex. The fabric is super soft, light but with LOTS OF stretch..
  • Most of the leggings are at slightly above the ankles making them perfect length to make your legs look long but not too hot for summer. For some prints they come in full length and crops.
  • They run from S, M and L. I am a petite frame and wear size 4 for Lululemon. If you are smaller than that theses leggings may run large for you, but again, they are very stretchy so they may still work.
  • All prints are limited edition so when they sell out, they will not restock, making them so special.

So I have created a few benchmarks on good quality yoga leggings.

1. They are not too thick

When we are talking about prints they are great for summer and you do not want them too thick. My benchmark is to compare to Wunder Under Pants as most people have at least a pair of those. For me the Wunder Under Pants are too thick for summer. The Liquidos are thinner and breathe much better than the Lululemon Wunder Unders.

2. They are not too thin

Go to Downward Facing Dog and have someone check if they can see what you are wearing underneath. If they can see it the leggings fail the test. The Liquidos are thin but thick enough to cover your ass probably.

3. Enough stretch but holds well

You want them to have enough stretch so you can move comfortably in the practice but you do not want to prints to “expand” when you bow forward to your Downward Dog. The Liquido again, passed this test.

4. Not too restrictive

There are some other brands that holds very well, but they are almost impossible to take off. I will talk about those later. But again the Liquido does not have this problem.

I love their prints. They are loud and colourful, yet still very elegant and feminine. The biggest problem about them is.. They are way too many to choose from. =)

Here are my few favorites.

IMG_201020150301 - Cora + Heather Bowen Roof Yoga - 109IMG_1108 (1)

You can purchase them online on their website http://www.liquidoactive.com. If you live in Hong Kong, they sell them at Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness but they only carry a very limited selection.

They also just launched a new line of “I Wear” Tank collection emphasising 7 different qualities. I just ordered one of them and can’t wait to wear it.

img_0084img_0097  img_0087

From now on every Friday I will call it Funky Friday and I will share with everyone some of the trendy yoga fashion, and how to wear them.

Stay tuned.

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