Sassy x Living Alive Wellness Walk

I am so proud to be part of Sassy x Living Alive Wellness Walk this year.

I think people are getting more health conscious here in Hong Kong. And because of that, there are more and more healthy food choices from snacks to juice bars to restaurants to choose from that provide high quality healthy food to meet all kinds of dietary needs.

Same thing goes to fitness. in the last year or so there is a big boom with all kinds of different fitness programs in Hong Kong to MMA Clubs to Muay Thai to Pilates or a combination of everything.

So a day like this that Sassy and Living Alive organised is such a brilliant idea as it allows the participants to try out different classes and see what suits them, and to of course, indulge themselves in all the delicious healthy food without guilt.

As I was a vendor, I could not get a chance to visit everything, but this was how I spent my day at the Wellness Walk on Saturday.

10:30am and 4:00pm    Locofama, Sai Ying Pun

This little cafe/grocery shop in Fuk Sau Lane in Sai Ying Pun is a beautiful little cafe that you must go visit and spend a lazy weekend afternoon there. It is really a “neighbourhood” cafe you see people strolling down in their flipflops from their home nearby and most people are frequent customers that the staff know by name. Locofama sources all their food from organic local farmers (hence Loco -fama!!) and the food is light and delicious. IT has a great vibe at the restaurant and they play some lovely tunes.

I was very honored to teach my yoga classes there and was hanging out there with the other customers and the super friendly staff.

12:00 noon    Lot 5

After that I stopped at Lot 5 to get my Wellness band and get to meet with a few vendors from healthy snacks to homeware to eco-friendly clothing.

Some of my favourites are:


I met Jacky and Eunice yesterday at Lot 5 and they were sampling some amazingl irresisablle seaweed chips and gluten free chocolate cookies. I asked about their concept and they told me they aimed to source all kinds of healthy treats and every month they would deliver a box of different healthy snacks to your door.

I like that idea. It’s fun, and all their snacks are non-GMO, has no artificial preservatives and colouring, organic and contains no trans fat. And the most important thing is. they are super yummy. I had to confess I have completely stocked myself up with the Halo Seaweed and gluten free cookies, and I would definitely order my “surprise” box so I can try out other different snacks.


Living Alive

So besides organising this wellness event, Kanchan is more than an amazing Wellness PR. She is also an amazing chef and she has created her amazing line of healthy dehydrated fruit chips flavoured with masala and cocoa dusted raw almonds. My favorites are definitely the Almonds  and the Pear Chips, but honestly they are all good.

IMG_3659 (1)

Beyond Jewelry

I met Sharon yesterday and she was helping out the Wellness Walk participants to put on these beautiful tattoos. I particularly like the ones with the little mantras from “Be You”, to “Strength” to “Look forward”. They are tattoo jewellery that you can wear on any part of your body. I just love it.


1:00 – 3pm       Epic MMA Club

And after that I spent my afternoon teaching at Epic MMA Club. It was super busy at the club yesterday aching all the Sassy participants coming in and try out Muay Thai, Yoga, Krav, and Anti Gravity Fitness class. It was so much fun.


4:00pm         LocoFama, Sai Ying Pun

After that, yes I dashed back to Locofama for my second class! I taught a class on “Heart Opening” I hope everyone left with a happy lift after the class! Only it started pouring outside and I had one more class to go!


5:30pm        Epic MMA Club

Luckily got back to Epic in pouring rain, and be able to teach my last class. It was nothing better than stretching yourself out in the hammock after a long time. My students had gone through 3 classes before this and they finally finished their 4th class with me resting in their cocoons…


I taught 6 classes and was pretty drained after that. But I was so happy to meet many new friends today and share a fun day of fitness, health and wellness with them. And after I got home, this is the only thing I can think of. Good night.


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