Mommy and Daughter Clothing

You know when you walk on the street and you see a couple wearing matching T-shirt? Your reaction is probably… “Ewwww.” Ok. I would never wear matching clothes with my husband. But when I saw the mothers matching their outfits with their daughters occasionally I think it’s kinda cute.

Since this is still the month for Mother’s Day  I thought I would introduce a few guaranteed stylish and non cheesey Mother’s and Daughter’s clothing to the Super Moms and their beautiful daughters.

Comme Maman Collection

I remembered I met the designer of Comme Maman collection Quynh Anh at a School Fair sometime last year and it was the first time I came across her Mommy and Daughter clothing and completely fell in love with them. Quynh Anh is Vietnamese, educated in France, and now living in Hong Kong with her family. Her designs are chic and classy, makes you fee like you live in France. And most importantly the fabrics are so soft and comfortable. The mummies and girls’ styles are not  exactly matched, rather, they are coordinated through the prints: women’s styles are feminine and figure-flattering, while girls’ ones are usually flowy and adjustable, transforming from a long dress to a short tunic with time, allowing them to be loved for a longer period.

20150503 - Mommy & Daughter Yoga - 152

Rococo Fashion

Rococo is a local fashion brand that sells very comfortable, natural and simple style clothing for women. Most of their clothing are easy to wear, play with a lot of layers and in my point of view, perfect casual wear for moms and yogis (as they are simple, comfortable and loose). The brand has been around since 1996. But in 2006 they also launched their kids’ collection. Since then I have been getting a few coordinated outfits for my kids and myself. They are so comfortable and chic it’s perfect for children. They have more than 10 stores in Hong Kong.


ZIB Textiles

This is an amazing legging brand that I found on a few years ago and I love their leggings and their prints.  ZIB* features the work of young and talented Latvian textile artists who put a little art into everyday clothing. ZIB means “to flash” in Latvian, and their clothing and prints are  expressive, impulsive and unpredictable. ZIB* designer team do their creative work in the heart of Riga, capital city of Latvia. Every season they would have a different theme, from floral to imagination. They have tops, dresses and skirts but I particularly love their leggings. They are made of cotton and very comfortable. They are also extra long that they can wrap around the ankles, They are not exactly yoga leggings but I would wear them for a Yin or Restorative class.


Qi Pao from “The Lane”

Got a function to go to? Your daughter’s birthday party?  Li Yuen Street East and West in the heart of Central has a few nice street stalls that sells Chinese style clothing. I always go there to shop for Chinese outfit for my children when they need to wear their “Chinese costume” at school. But only recently I found out that their Chinese clothing comes in adult sizes as well… so you can play mix and match with your daughter.

IMG_3755If there are other mommy and daughter coordinated clothing brands you know… share with me. Or even take a picture and show us?

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