Tighten Up!!

People are working hard at the gym these days. I think everyone is trying to get their “summer body” ready. Let’s say you are getting your results on weight loss. You are losing inches. Pants are getting loose, size is going down. But it also raise a new issue – sagging skin. Especially if you try to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, the loose skin issue will become more significant. While there are a lot of remedies around.. Firming cream, thermage, surgery (no, no!).

I found a post online and found it very interesting, yet, convincing.


When I think back, my “loose skin” issue was on mainly my tummy, a result from the last two pregnancies. I have a petite frame and I gained 35 pounds on both pregnancies with both kids at 7lbs at birth. While I went back to pre pregnancy weight both times rather quick, but I had never been able to deal with the already expanded skin around my abdomen area. It was loose and flabby. Until when? Until I started exercise. While there are many ways to tighten up the skin, these are my top list from my own experience.

  1. Build up muscles : I am seeing huge change on my tummy in terms of tightness due to all the abs exercises. If you just lose weight on the  tummy but do not have muscles on your abs, the skin will still be loose.
  2. Diet : We need good protein and clean food for better elasticity of our skin. With clean food we age slower, we look younger, so does our skin. We also need lots of water. We are what we eat, as simple as that.
  3. Moisturizing:  I don’t think you have to invest a lot of money on firming cream and things like that. But keeping your skin moisturized just slows down the aging process. If you have money to spend or left over firming cream from your last pregnancy, why not?

So basically the answer is simple to your loosen skin. Just keep doing what you are doing. Exercise, good diet, and a little patience… and one day you will have your tight abs. I am quite happy with my abs now, but still need to work on firming up the glutes and inner thighs… Tighten up everyone!

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