My Beautiful Grandmother- My Inspirational Figure

It is my grandmother’s birthday today.

My grandmother, who just turned 83 today, is my inspirational figure and my role model for eating and living healthy. She swims for an hour every morning plus light stretching exercise. At age 83 she can touch her hands on the floor with legs straight (full Uttanasana!). She eats light and healthy, and oh man she is a fabulous cook. She was the person who looked after me when I was young as my parents both had to work. Every day she prepared me delicious healthy home cooked meals with fresh ingredients. She buys fresh food everyday, and will not even touch anything frozen. She is so old school she will not use any store bought sauce or canned food. All my favorite food from my childhood memories was made by her. Home made dumplings, noodles…. She made everything from scratch including the dough…

Tonight we celebrated dinner with my grandmother. I have a big Chinese family in Hong Kong with 3 generations and there were 20 of us at dinner tonight. My family are absolute foodies. The dinner was a full on 10 courses degustation menu in one of the best Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. Everything was served by course. Since the first course I was cleaning the plates. The food was delicious, actually most of them rather light. But that was a lot of food. I kept thinking it would be rude in front of my family if I don’t finish everything in the plate (a Chinese culture thing).

Then half way through dinner, starting from my grandmother, my family started passing along their own plates to the others or sharing their courses and packing the rest! Too late for me. I was in “cookie monster” mode and hovering up every bite of the food, including two desserts.

So when I came home I left like there is a big rock in my tummy. I felt guilty. I started thinking how much food I have eaten. I normally weigh 100g of protein at dinner and I am guessing I probably ate half a kilo tonight. While I thought it was rude not to finish everything I realize my family has been sensible eaters all along. I am my own evil.

The good side is, while writing this blog, it reminds me how my grandmother takes care of her body, how she cooks and eats. I hope I got some of the culinary talents from her, and I am now inspired to replicate a few of my childhood favorites and pass them on to my family and children.

Happy Birthday Grandma, my inspirational figure, the most amazing woman in the world. And thank you for being my role model, mentor and inspiration at all times.

P.S. A picture of me and my grandmother tonight.

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