This is the kind of Bums I love – DHARMA BUMS!

IMG_4864It was my grandmother’s birthday last week and we all went out for dinner. For us Chinese instead of celebrating with birthday cake we usually celebrate with these “peach shape” birthday buns as sign of good health and longevity. There was a joke about my lovely husband (boyfriend at the time). I remembered the first time I introduced my “Gweilo” (slang for Western in Cantonese) boyfriend to my Chinese family on my Granny’s birthday many years ago. At the end of the dinner when the waiter brought up a big steamer of the birthday buns to the table my husband looked at it and said (by the way my husband has a very natural loud and projected voice that you can hear him far far away!), “What’s going on with these BUTT BUMS? They just brought up a big steamer of BUTTs!!) Let’s just say I am glad that he is STILL my husband after all… Haha..

Sorry.. Completely off topic. Today it’s Friday so I am talking about fashion again. Previously I have written about my favorite brand for loud prints Liquido –

Here is the link:

This week I want to introduce another newer brand that I like, this time from Australia – DHARMA BUMS!

Dharma Bums are made in Australia. Same as Liquido they are made of a mixture of Polyester and Spandex material. The Most of the leggings are at 3/4 length which is slightly above the ankles. For some prints they come in full length and crops. The sizes run from XS to XL. I am a petite frame and wear size 4 for Lululemon. For the Dharma Bums I can wear both XS and S. I found them not having a big difference. Same as Liquido, all prints are limited edition so when they sell out, they will not restock. So here comes the review again.

1. They are not too thick

When we are talking about prints they are great for summer and you do not want them too thick. My benchmark is to compare to Wunder Under Pants as most people have at least a pair of those. For me the Wunder Under Pants are too thick for summer. The Dharma Bums are significantly thinner than the WunderUnders, however, they are less breathable than the Liquidos.

2. They are not too thin

Go to Downward Facing Dog and have someone check if they can see what you are wearing underneath. If they can see it the leggings fail the test. The Dharma Bums passed the test.

3. Enough stretch but holds well You want them to have enough stretch so you can move comfortably in the practice but you do not want to prints to “expand” when you bow forward to your Downward Dog. The Dharma Bums passed the test but they are less stretchy than the Liquidos.

4. Not too restrictive

The only issue I have with the Dharma Bums is I found them very tight at the ankles. Maybe I have fat calves and ankles I found them very difficult to take off. The leggings got stuck at my ankles when I put them on and off and it makes me feel I really had a workout pulling them up and taking them off (especially after a sweaty class). But I love the prints so much I am willing to deal with it. I love their prints. They are loud, wild  and colourful (even louder than the Liquidos) and every time I wear them I feel happy and cheery (Yes the pants you wear do affect your mood!)

Here are some of my favourites.

20150426 - Bowen Rooftop Flow II - 1098

Oxygen Print 3/4 length

20150329 - Bowen Hot Flow - 1210

Zebra Wave Full Length


Rainbow Stripe Print Full Length

Pictures in Rainbow Stripe Print taken by Beatrice Lee Photography http://www.beatircelee.conm

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