Weekend Family Dinner – DIY Tacos

This is really a reblog as I have posted a similar post long time ago on DIY Taco dinner… something that our family have on many many weekends. But this time I get to take some pictures so I thought I would share again.

My husband and I both love Mexican food but I always found it a bit too greasy when I eat out and I always like to make a healthier version at home. With all the beautiful spices used in Mexican cuisine I feel like I can really cut down the oil, cheese and sour cream and still enjoy all the flavours.

On top of that what we usually do is cut and chop all the ingredients and lay them out on the table so we can make our own tacos. Great way to get the kids to help cutting and chopping in the kitchen, as well as getting them try out different vegetables.

So here is how our normal Family Taco night looks like.


Lean grounded beef, lamb, chicken, turkey or even grilled fish cooked with cumin, cayenne pepper, dry cilantro and paprika. Sometimes I use beef and lamb with some blended tomato sauce to make lamb chilli.

IMG_0436 IMG_1695


Chopped up lettuce, tomatoes, onions, or any ingredients you fancy. Our typical taco dinner includes lettuce, tomatoes, onions. avocados, black olives and japapeno peppers.

IMG_0443  IMG_0441


Fresh salsa: Chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeño peppers, cilantro, lime (make a litte time ahead so the citrus will soak in)

Roasted salsa: Same ingredients but just slight cooked them then coarse blend it.

Non sweetened natural yogurt or greek yogurt: I use it to replace sour cream to make the dish healthier.

Cheese: A little bit of shredded cheese won’t do any harm!!

Taco Shells


You can use both flour or corn. We like to use a mixture of both.

If you are on a no carb meal just eat it like that as a salad. Top with yogurt with paprika and even some guacamole  as dressing for your salad.


Great family meal too as kids can have fun making their own tacos. Easy, fun, fresh, delicious and healthy. Give it a try this weekend.

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