How to make your meals look bigger?

When we are on diet or on portion control, sometimes you look at your plate and you just feel sad. Especially on the carbs. I love carbs… and yet I should not be having more than 1/2 bowl of rice/pasta. Ideally you want your plate to contain a lot of vegetables, a decent portion of protein (especially if you train) and some carbohydrates. My husband’s is on a even lower carb diet… so I have to think about creative ways to make his meals look bigger so he won’t be so grumpy with his “diet” meal.


Chop and mix

I always limit my carbs to about 100-150g in a meal. 100g of cooked rice (white or brown) or pasta is a little bit less than a small bowl. Cous cous and quinoa does look more as they are more fluffy and light. The best way to make your dish look bigger is to mix your vegetables with your carbs. Fried rice, vegetables cous cous etc. With all the vegetables mixed with your carbs all of a sudden you have a big plate of fried rice or quinoa salad.

Soupy stuff

Congee, chicken pasta soup, or stews are great low carb ideas. Rice expands in water in congee. A small bowl of rice will make a large bowl of congee especially after mix with proteins and vegetables. Pasta or noodles in soup is also a great idea. Soups are filling and you don’t feel that you are only having two bites of noodles or pasta after mix with protein and vegetables. Stew is another great one. Even if you only have small bread roll with it it seems satisfying.

Scoop out your bread

When you realized your burger/bagel/baguette sandwich has too many grams of carbs, scoop some bread out from the middle! After you fill it up with veggies and protein you won’t feel like you are having a smaller sandwich at all!!


Wraps are thinner than bread which means you can have a large wrap or a few smaller taco size tortillas.

Ground meat/patties

What about protein? A proper portion for me is a fist size of meat but sometimes I still feel it’s not enough. One of my tricks is to use grounded meat and then mixed them with vegetables. It’s is much more appetizing than a baby fist size of steak or fish or chicken. I use them in wraps, lettuce wraps, as salads. Another great idea is make them into patties. As they are mixed with vegetables you feel like you are having more protein. Patties will require some potatoes and will also make your meal more filling.

With these tricks you will be having a big full plate of food and make your tummy fully satisfied, while maintaining in good portion control!

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