What’s your message of the day?!

It’s getting super hot and humid in Hong Kong. In summer time, instead of wearing yoga tanks which are usually tight and a bit “too supportive”, I like to wear a sports bra and then wear a loose tank top. And one of my favourites is to go online and shop for “motivational tees”.

I like to wear tanks with motivational phrases or funny phrases, and in fact I found them great to be mindful about some of the things I care about, and at the same time inspire the others.

Here are few of my favourites.

The “Eat Clean, Train Dirty” is usually my Monday tank after too much indulgence on the weekends haha..


Then there are other phrases that I just like to keep myself motivated.

 IMG_4358   IMG_6735

IMG_2480 IMG_5688 IMG_5832

Here is my favourite one.. basically my mantra in life – “Do small things with great love.” – made by Be Love.


And then there are the funny ones! Every time I wear them I made people around me smile… =)


I found I most of them from http://www.etsy.com, and they are cheap (between US20-30). They also make great presents for friends.

Find the right message for yourself, or for your friends and loved ones… and make them smile.


Me and my “Psycho” yogi babes in our “Let’s go be Psychos” tees


Happy Friday.

Oh yea… you probably want one of these..  (smile)


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