More than Jewellery

I don’t really wear jewellery. I found them a bit cumbersome. I like putting on ear rings when I go out but that’s about it.

I think if you are  mother who has young children wearing jewellery is not exactly a good idea as you may scratch them. Then as a yoga teacher I always have to take my jewellery off before class and I found it quite annoying… And from time to time I lose them as I take them on and off so much.

Until recently, I found my new love – Body Jewelery (or Skin Jewellery)IMG_6274

I know what you are thinking… You must be thinking about these cheesy tattoo stickers that we use at kids’ parties…

No, no, no.

These are beautiful, high quality temporary tattoos that look like jewellery. You can wear them as necklace, bracelets, on your finger, on your ankles, basically anywhere on your body.

They are just so beautiful and elegant, and light (of course.. they stick on your skin!). You do not have to worry them scratching anything, and you can wear them anywhere you want. And of course, they stick on your skin so you do not have to worry about losing them.

I particularly like the “bracelets”. They are very easy to match with anything from yoga clothing to your yoga classes, tank top and jeans to a casual dinner,  maxi dresses on the beach, to a little black dress on a date night out.

If you wear something open back you can consider putting a “chain” on your back or a “tattoo” on the shoulder.


Gold Digger from Beyond Jewel

The tattoos are pretty long lasting. They can last up to 4-5 days. You apply them on your body with some water, and you remove them with baby oil. As simple as that.

There are two brands that I particularly love.

Beyond Jewel
Instragram: @beyondjewelry

I met Sharon Lee at the Sassy Hong Kong x Living Alive event last month and bought a couple of tattoos. This beautiful young girl is so passionate and she started her own business with this awesome brand of skin jewellery. They are shiny and pretty long lasting. Beside jewellery like bracelets they also have some mantras and you can pick your inspirational word and stick it on your body without having to go through getting a real tattoo (haha!). And you can change your inspirational mantra anytime!


You can order them online, or you can buy them from the following retailers including Bookazine.

Instagram: designer_tattoos_hk

I love them because they come in very nice package with different themes, so you don’t have to to think about how to wear them, and can apply all of them as a set and be super glamorous. Of course you can wear them separately. They are super beautiful and elegant. Easy to put on, and would stay for 4-5 days.


Blue Lagoon from LuluDK


Love Story from LuluDK

They are available online or at Sense of Touch spas in Hong Kong.

Go pick up some of these funky “jewellery” for your weekend on the beach or for your next dinner date.

Be fun, be creative, be free!

*** Feature image bracelet from LuluDK.

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