Father’s Day Project

I have to say it’s super easy to shop for moms.. after all.. women.. are, haha… natural shoppers…

I always have troubles shopping for my men… from the older man (my dad), the slightly older man (my husband) and my little man (my boy). Even for my boy I cannot get things for him anymore unless I take him to the store or he will always tell me “Mom, you got it wrong” (Duh!)

Anyways, back to the subject. Father’s Day will be in 1 week’s time and I want to share a few ideas on some creative gift ideas for the Dad. If you have a little one you may work with them and create a special unique gift for their father.

Personalized Cufflnks

If Dad works in the office and would wear cufflinks, this is by far my top of the list idea as a special present for Dad. I met Regina at My Happy Sunflower a few years ago and have made a few pairs of beautiful silver cufflinks for my husband on various occasions. You can choose from putting any personalized prints from your childrens’ fingerprints or even their artwork as the design of the cufflinks. If you are going for the fingerprint or handprint options, they will come to you and make the prints for your children. They are super attentive and provide excellent service. They will work with you until you get the design right.

2015 Father's Day Gift Idea -01

They can also make initial cufflinks. This may not sound special to you but if you have 2 kids you can consider asking them to use the initials for your two children. For me, I have asked them to make a pair of cufflinks using my two childrens’ Chinese names. They are super special and every time my husband wears them people ask about them. And it gets him to “tell the story” about the names of his kids… (He really like that… haha)

If Dad is not a cufflink kinda guy you can also make key chains.

Please note that the lead time for the cufflinks will be 1 week.

Website: http://www.myhappysunflower.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/myhappysunflower

*** If you mention you read about them from my blog http://www.playwithcora.com they will offer a 10% discount on your order.

Handmade Art

This is the last week of school and I am starting to think about some fun art workshops for the kids. How about starting from making a special Father’s Day present for Dad?

A few years ago when my husband opened his new office my son and I have painted a painting for his office. So if you are an arty type this would be a great idea to spend the afternoon and at the same time make gift for Dad!

There are many art jamming studios around but my favourite is still the original artjamming. They have a lovely space in Sheung Wan and very kids friendly.

Since you may want Daddy to really put up the art you may want to go “abstract”.. One idea is to have your child paint the background and you draw afterwards on top. Then have your children add dots and swirls etc. Do your research on the internet and get some ideas first. Abstract skyline is a great idea… or even just a picture of the sky.. or different shades of red and gold. (Red is the lucky color for Chinese).



Other gift ideas


Besides cufflinks, My Happy Sunflower also have other gift ideas using pottery. You can make cufflink boxes or coffee mugs. They are pretty easy for younger kids to handle all they do is to paint and add decorations.

2015 Father's Day Gift Idea -02

Other arts and crafts ideas

There are also many craft ideas that you can do with your children to make something special for Dad. Here is a link I found that have so wonderful ideas, and I love them because Daddy can actually use them at the office or carry them around. I particularly like the Lego Key holder and the Dinosaur planter.



Lego Key Holder


Dinosaur Planter

art lunch bags

Art Lunch Bag

Make something personal and special for Dad. Make it an art project with the children. It is much better than getting another shirt or tie.

I will be visiting an art supplies store this afternoon and will share more ideas later in the week.

Happy Sunday!

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