My Little Crazy Wardrobe

My 3 year old daughter has been taking a “Musical Theatre” class at Kids’ Gallery in Hong Kong in the past few months. She loves to sing, perform and dance so I thought she would enjoy that class.

Every year Kids’ Gallery would organize a big musical performance and bring in all their students to perform in a big musical in the Hong Kong Academy for Performance Arts in Wanchai, and I agreed to have my daughter to participate in the performance.

This year’s show was “Beauty and the Beast”, and my daughter was one of the many little “wardrobes” who was in two short scenes including a scene with most of the cast with probably another 50 other students on the stage singing “Be our guests” (for those who have not watched the movie from Disney you can check out that scene here).

I was sitting on the very back row (since I thought she was only playing a small part I was happy to watch from very far behind) and I was watching all the amazing sound students perform like pros on the stage. And there… my little “Wardrobe” was dancing and singing with everybody and she was so, so, so enjoying herself that she probably was a bit mesmerised by the experience.

At some point all the little people were supposed to sit down and let the lead performers sang and shone but she was too excited and no matter how many times the teacher tried to sit her down she stood up again and sang with the leads… I was watching her and laughing in tears.

When we walked out of the show she came out and meet us in her little costume and one of the parents commented,”So.. You were the crazy wardrobe!”.

It was priceless.

I was in a Children’s Choir when I was young. When I was about 6 years old I got an opportunity to perform in a big musical (that one actually was a real big show with adults as the leads). The show was “Carmen” and it was a 4 day show. I was only one of the hundred people in the cast and I got to sing with a hundred people for 1 song in 1 scene… very similar to my daughter’s experience. Yet today I still remembered the whole experience. The show required me to have curly hair and my mother was worried about the hygiene of the wig. So every night before the show she spent an hour making many little braids on my hair and I left the braids overnight and unbraided my hair before the performance to make my hair curly (Why were there no curlers by the way???!). Every day I got off school and went straight to Hong Kong Academy for Performance Art (Same place where my daughter performed) for rehearsals and shows and finished off at 11pm and the next day I still had to wake up early for school.

Up till today I still vividly remember the whole experience (however I asked my mom and she already forgotten). When I watched my daughter’s show i wonder if she will remember when she gets older.

It was an amazing show. It was really impressive to see all these young children who only take extracurricular classes after school be able to create such a professional performance. I really had to give credit to the amazing director of the show and the teachers at Kids’ Gallery. Teacher Conor – Absolutely an amazing show! Also thanks to Teacher Eric who is Zoe Anne’s teacher at Musical Theatre. Thanks for giving a chance to let my daughter sings and shines and reminds me about my daughter’s interests and talents.

By watching the show, I know my little one is a natural performer… She came home and tell me she wants to be “Belle” (Belle is the main character” one day…

You will get there.. my love.. One day… You will get there.

To finish off, this is my daughter signing “Let it go” from Frozen. The video was not in very good quality but it was hard to capture such a priceless moment again… Of course,  I am biased… <smile>

My daughter singing “Let it Go!”

2 thoughts on “My Little Crazy Wardrobe

    • Thank you… =) With the variety of extra curricular activities that you can choose in modern days it’s great when our kids can find what they are passionate about when they are young and grow from there. I love to sing and perform as a kid… although I dropped most of them as I grew up… The show reminds me to make sure I keep her happy and to do what she loves, even as she gets older and when school work gets busy… I will remind myself not to be the kinda mom to ask my children to drop their passion.


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