To the Best Father in the World

Today I want to talk about my father.

My father is a very disciplined guy. He is an extremely “routine” kind of guy. For years his daily routines are all the same, and he follows them rigidly. He wakes up at the same time, then he takes a glass of warm water with lemon. His breakfast always includes a glass of milk (changed to soy in the last few years), and an apple (yes! An apple!!) as far as I remembered as a kid till this day! Then he goes to work, come home, have dinner. Dinner is mostly at home, with carbs, protein and vegetables. He eats everything, but a very mindful eater. 30 minutes after dinner he would walk into the kitchen and prepare fruits for the family, and we would hang out a bit before we goes to bed. Again, for the last 30 something years till this day.


A picture of my dad and my little boy

My father has been exercising his whole life, and had always been fit and healthy.. He used to swim or jog every morning. He even used to skip until his doctor told him to stop when he developed shoulder pain a few years ago. Now he spent 30 minutes exercising every morning, and jog for 4-6km every weekend (I tried to jog with him last summer when we went on vacation together there was no way I could catch up with him). As a result, my father who is now in his 60s may not have 6 packs, but probably has 2.

My father is the sweetest guy. He worked his life for one goal, to look after his family. Very family oriented, super dedicated. In my eyes, he is the best father, the best husband, and the best grandfather. I always think he works way too hard.. way, way, way too hard, and it seems he never gets to relax. Finally in the last few years as all mu sisters are finally “off the hook” (finished school and working) and having grandchildren I think (or at least I hope) he can start to relax a little bit and enjoy life a little bit more. Sipping a glass of wine, hanging out with friends, spending more time with mom, and of course, spending time with his grandchildren.

I am so lucky to have my parents living in Hong Kong. On the weekends if I would like to spend some time with my husband it only takes one phone call and my dad will come and grab the kids. My children loves their “Gung Gung” (Grandfather in Cantonese). When my dad plays with my children he is so patient and he gives them full attention… something even I fail to do as a mom.

To my Super Dad, who is absolutely my role model of living a healthy, balanced life. Not just healthy eating and exercise, but also having a balanced lifestyle in every way and living his life as a committed father, a loving husband, a loyal son, a wonderful brother, an attentive grandfather, an honest friend and fair boss. I am proud if I have picked up a few intelligence from him to live my own life.

I love you Dad, and I wish you very happy, fit and healthy forever.

** Picture taken with my family – Dad, Mom and my two sisters yesterday on Father’s Day.

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