Summer is the time for self practice

Can’t believe it’s almost July. My son has finished off his last day of school last Wednesday and officially started his summer vacation.

A lot of friends are going away in the next few weeks and starting their summer holidays.

Summer is a time when there are a lot of travelling for a lot of people. It is a time for the family and enjoy a little bit of vacation and indulgence. So when you are travelling and on vacation, are you still working out? You probably will be having more “cheats” than usual when you are on vacation. So it’s even more important to stay active.

For those who would only exercise when they have a gym it’s time to change that pattern. You can exercise anywhere. If you are in the country side, go for a jog. If jogging is not an option jump rope is the best way to get a quick 15 minutes cardio. If you are stuck in the hotel room do some body weight exercise. There is so much you can do just with your body. When I am travelling I like to bring my resistance bands with me as they are light and you can do so many exercise with them and you do not need dumb bells.

IMG_6125 IMG_1951


Yoga is something that you can do anywhere. All you need is a mat, maybe a block if you can bring one. You can even just use a towel. Start your day with some yoga and stretching before you start off your day. There are many yoga videos online that you can follow for your yoga practice. You do not need to go to the studio for that. even has some interactive, live classes that you can take where you can take a live class with your video camera.


I am not on vacation yet but since my son is already on holidays this morning instead of going to a yoga class I decided to have a self practice at home.


This morning’s self practice on headstand with leg variations… just for fun. Click on the following link to view.

Headstand with leg variations

Make no excuse. You can exercise anywhere, and everywhere.

** In the next few weeks I will share more exercises and yoga sequences that you can do at home or when you are travelling.

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