A Warrior with Grace – “Kira Grace”

Last Friday I talked about the “Holy Grail of Yoga Clothing” – Lululemon.

There was a time when the only choice for yoga clothes IS Lululemon. All of a sudden there are so many brands around and if you want into a yoga class more than half of the students will be in printed leggings.

It reminds me of a joke.

My teacher was asking me to demo a handstand at the wall while he was demoing the “assist”. I went to my downward facing dog prep position and he asked me to raise one leg up. I brought my leg up and he went “Wow.. that was some colourful leggings it made me dizzy.”. Haha.

So what do you practise in?

I mostly practise in full or 3/4 length leggings (no crops as I have fat calves haha) with a full length tight top. I am not so comfortable with bra tops in class I am just a little shy. Loose tops are not ideal for inversion so my most practical outfit will be a pair of full length leggings with a top.

I have been trying to find some nice different looking tank tops, and recently I tried out a new brand (a new brand for me) – Kira Grace.

I have known Kira Grace for quite a while now, as early as Tiffany Cruikshank became their “ambassador” and featured herself in the “Warrior series”. This was the outfit that caught my attention to check out their website.


However, I never really tried them out as I had a few bad experience just ordering clothes online without trying them and at the end of the day, the brand is not that cheap. So I was very happy when the local yoga clothing shop “Just Yogis” start carrying the brand and I can finally tried them on.

I got myself 3 items. The signature “Warrior leggings” of course, a red “Warrior Victoria Halter”, and a printed “Grace Yoga tights”. I really love them. They are edgy though but still very feminine. The cut is perfect and the material is tough and it holds very well. I was wearing the “Warrior Halter” with the “Grace Yoga Tights” yesterday and I got so much compliments.


The fit is perfect and very slimming looks great in pictures.

You can check out the Kira Grace official Website here.

Kira Grace Official Website

I bought mine in “Just Yogis”. They have a shop in Sai Ying Pun where you can go try them out or you can order online through them.

Just Yogis

I am a tough cookie… and I always see myself as a warrior. Yet I always try to remind myself to bring some “softness” and “grace” into my practice and, well…. in my daily life.

This brand is perfect for me. This is what I want to be – a Warrior with Grace.


Warrior Victoria Tank and Grace Yoga Leggings

*** Featured image featuring Red “Warrior” Leggings. Photography by Simon Lorenz at Pool Portrait.

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