Project Independence – July 4, 2014

A few days ago I mentioned I joined a fitness program called Kenzai that transformed my life a year ago. I promised I would talk a bit more about it… Today, I am sharing a blog I wrote in the Kenzai blog (yes we have a blog for the Kenzai community exactly a year ago on Independence Day July 4, 2014. The title of the blog was “Project Independence”.

Here goes my “teaser” on my Kenzai story.  Later on I will share a bit more info on what exactly is in the Kenzai program, and an update on my “Project Independence” a year later!


Project Independence
July 4, 2014 

Three months ago during our ski vacation in Niseko my husband and I decided to sign up for the Kenzai program. He would like to lose some weight, and I thought it makes sense just to do it together. Sure, I also wanted to challenge myself and thought I would try something new other than my yoga practice, but mainly, I was just trying to be there to support him.

First month into the program we mostly did our program together, then things kind of went sideways. He was traveling a lot. He had a lot of business obligations. While I was still preparing all the meals for him, it became difficult for us to workout together. Eventually, I was doing most of the program on my own. It was difficult for me at first, especially most people think this program was not for me. I also had doubts on whether I should carry on… I had my low moments… Thanks to the support of my trainer and all the other trainees in the program, I could continue the journey.

After I accepted the fact that I probably had to carry on the rest of the program by myself, I wake up everyday at 5am and do my skipping. I go to the gym (or occasionally just at home) to do the resistance workout on top of my yoga practice. I have not missed a day of workout. I cooked every meal for myself and my husband, and I followed the diet almost religiously. However, at this time, my intention has changed. I am doing the program for myself.

The 90-day with Kenzai was a big challenge for my body. However I truly enjoyed every bits of it. My body loves the clean food, and it also loves the workouts. I saw my myself transformed. My cardio strength has never been better that now I can run for 6km without panting. My arms and core are much stronger I am able to do a lot of arm balance and inversion postures that I was struggling 3 months ago. For someone who was never into exercise until 2 years ago I am now at the fittest state of my life in terms of strength, flexibility and balance.

But there is more to that. For me Kenzai is an even bigger challenge for the mind. It’s a challenge of one’s discipline, endurance, commitment, and focus. From the program I found myself becoming more organized, decisive and determined in other parts of my life. Kenzai also teaches us to share, and to care. The community factor of the program is so powerful. There is no way I could get through this without the support of everyone in the program. I love to read everyone’s blogs. There is so much inspirations and intelligence to learn from everyone’s stories. And I love to share my stories with the others. I love to blog (and I realize I can still write!) and I love it when people read my blogs. Sharing my recipes was the most fulfilling part for me in the Kenzai program.

People may still wonder what I am doing here. Here is the truth. A truth that I did not even realize until now. I have been going through a mid life crisis. Five and a half years ago I gave up my investment banking job and become a full time mother. Although I would still make the same choice again as I really want to be there for my children in their early childhood, I knew I cannot stay this way forever. I am a active and outgoing person, and I love meeting people. I am no stay home mom. I am a strong, independent person and I like to take challenges. I need my career to make me feel accomplished and confident. I think the fact that I have been a “health nut” in the last two years was a way to prove myself, but slowly it has become a big passion of mine. As the kids get older and both of them are going to school I have been thinking of what to do next. I do not really want to go back to my old job, something I was never too interested in. For a while now I have been thinking about doing something related to healthy cooking, wellness and fitness. But being busy with the children I have never really been motivated to take it seriously. Day by day passed It was getting harder and harder to get out of my comfort zone and seek for my dream.

In the last 90 days with Kenzai, not only I have learnt more about healthy diets and exercises, I have regained my motivation, my confidence and I could feel the “fire” in my heart again. I felt like I was having a “job” again. I was on a mission to share my recipes, my food prep, my insights about healthy lifestyles to everyone in the program. With the experience with the Kenzai blogs I come to realize it is almost “natural” for me to be in this space… To share, to care and to spread the gospel of healthy living. As I said, “I believed I could, so I did”. As I have proven to myself I could complete the 90 day challenge with Kenzai, I finally feel ready and empowered to take my passion to the next level.

So today, I am putting together a plan for my next adventure, in which I will call it “Project Independence”.

– I am signing up for a yoga teacher training course. By January 2015 I will be a certified yoga teacher.
– I am taking a Food and Nutrition program working towards getting a degree in this field.
– I am setting up a blog in which I will share on my views on how to have a healthy, balanced and fun lifestyle as a mother, a wife and a partner. I will continue to share my recipes, and will share everything else from yoga, exercise, beauty, fashion… Basically everything about being fit, fun and fabulous! (of course I will still blog on Kenzai Life).
– I am looking into getting more serious into cooking and continue to hold private parties . I may eventually venture out to be a private chef. I would love to hold an event for Kenzai Sapphire graduates.

Today, I see a bright and clear path going forward. I found myself again. Thank you Kenzai.

Start date of “Project Independence”: July 4, 2014. Independence Day.


To be continued…. 

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