What do I pack on vacation?

I cannot remembered when was the last time i spent half a day at home. I was supposed to fly to Hokkaido, Japan for 2 weeks this my kids for summer vacation but I decided to give myself a day off and move my trip to tomorrow (Or be brutally blunt I just have not packed or prepared everything yet!!!)

It has been a really nice day (despite mild hangover from last night) but I realised I have not enjoyed a restful afternoon for a long time. I was really working – catching up on emails, planning my August teaching events and schedules, and of course, writing my blogs. So for the first time I am posting two blogs today!

I have been packing this afternoon, and I thought I would share what I pack (or how I pack light) especially when you are travelling with two young children.

10 things I pack on my vacation

1. Maxi dresses 

I love wearing maxi dresses on holidays. They are casual, but elegant, can wear them at the beach, on a date, even at the bars. One important thing when you bring your maxi dress is to choose the material that would not wrinkle. You can just roll it up and pack it tightly in your suitcase. My favourite maxi dress brand is Sky. They are so soft, so elegant, and never wrinkles.


2. Sports to chic bras

OK. Yes I am a yoga teacher and I wear sports bra all the time… but I also found sports bra a great item to just match with tank tops and t shirts… and when I am with my children sports bras are just more convenient and supportive (no need to worry about bra straps falling off etc.). My favourite is absolutely lululemon Free to be bra. It has light support and comes in all kind of colors. The cross straps at the back are pretty and looks great with anything.

freee to be bra


3. Manduka Eko SuperLite travel mat

When I travel this is the mat I bring. It’s super light and it’s foldable and you can just fold and pack inside your suit case. Same as any Manduka mat it’s very grippy!



4. O2 Cool Mist N’ Sip 

Oh my god this is the biggest hit this summer it’s sold out everywhere. I think I got the last one in town. They are a water bottle and a mist spray at the same time. Unfortunately my son has declared that the bottle is his now.



5. Travalo fragrance bottle

When you are out there on vacation it’s hot and sweaty let’s face it sometimes we may smell.. um.. you know. I am not a perfume fan but I like to carry around my own little fragrant mist. The Travalo bottle allows you to pump and fill any fragrance you want in seconds.. you can make sure you smells nice and fresh at all times!



6. Liquido leggings

When you are under the blue sky and on the beach (or for my case will be surrounded by green fields) of course I am going to take some yoga pictures in the nature! And best thing to wear? PRINTS! Nothing beats Liquido leggings they come in happy colourful prints that would guarantee to produce stunning photos!

20150328 - Cora Tamar Yoga - 612

Oh yea.. that’s me!

My old post on Liquido Active:  Miss Funky Tights


7. Morrocanoil

I have super long hair that reaches my waist. I cannot travel without this. Period. Especially you are out in the sun a lot don’t forget to take care of your hair!



8. Palmer Cocoa Butter Oil

I know.. this is a weird one. It’s supposed to be for pregnant ladies. In fact I started using it when I was pregnant and still using it 6 years later. When it comes to body hydration I found body oil much more effective than body cream,. It’s less sticky, and also since we may sweat body cream tends to melt but oil just absorbs into the skin. They also have one that is for non pregnant but I have not tried.


9. Portable Electric Fan

Again, a big hit this summer. These “Made in China” fans are yes, a bit crappy but at HK$70 I will take it. They are sold everywhere in Hong Kong from electronic stores and local markets. They are battery operated and also can charge using a USB cable.


10. Power Bank

You are going to be on What’s App. You are going to be using your phone to take pictures and videos. Do not forget to bring your power bank so you won’t lose contact with your friends/family or miss out any picture/video moment!

powerr bank

It’s 5am in the morning. About to wake up the kids and get going.

Japan here we come!

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