12 minutes Headstand vs. 15 minutes jump rope

I wrote a post about a fitness program called Kenzai Body last week. It was a 90 days transformation program that brought my body into a peak condition in terms of both appearance and strength 15 months ago.

After the 90 days program I have continued the eating rules and the exercise (there is a maintainence program after the 90 days called Kenzai Life) for another 6 months almost religiously until I started to drop off about 6 months ago. I started to skip the workout when I got into my yoga teacher training program, as I had no time to train on Kenzai anymore. Then eventually my new job (as a yoga teacher) have shifted my focus. Cardio has stopped. Resistance training had stopped. 15 minutes skipping has become 12 minutes headstand. very clean well portioned home cooked meals have become take out meals between class (although still mostly healthy) or a large supersized meals at night time.

6 months later… Believe or not, I found myself out of shape. Not just the appearance but I know as a fact that I am less fit and has lost my strength even I yoga every single day. Belly is coming out. I pant after 5 minutes run, and I can’t lift anymore.

So last week when I received an email from Kenzai announcing their “Reboot” and “Kenzai Body 2” programs I got very excited and determined to get back on track. Reboot is a 30 day program to.. Well.. reboot!  Whille Kenzai Body 2 is designed for trainees who are ready to take their challenge up the next level. After all I have been off for 6 months, so after some careful consideration… “Reboot” it is.

Just flew in to Niseko in the countryside where I will spend the next 2 weeks here. Eating healthy won’t be a problem considering all the fresh produce here.. But portion control will be a problem as the food here is too good.

The program starts today so I yesterday I thought I would open up one of the maintenance workout and tried it out. It started with 10-15 minutes jump rope (I will talk more about this later…). I picked up my skipping rope for the first time in months oh my god it was terrible. Not only I can’t skip anymore apparently I can’t tie my shoe laces either they kept coming off.

It was the longest 15 minutes ever.

I came to Niseko last year right after 90 days of Kenzai Body and my body was ansolutely at the peak state. I was nailing most of the workout and was running an additional 4km every day. This afternoon I couldn’t even jog one lap with my son (I used to do 4).

Feeling pretty crappy now. I have dropped my cardio and resistance training for so long it’s going to be a hard start.

For the next 28 days I will share my progress on Kenzai Reboot.

To know more about Kenzai Body you can check out http://www.kenzai.me.

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