The real taste of real food

As we all know, most of us are consuming too much salt and refined sugar in our daily diet. Eventually our palette get used to strong flavours, and we cannot eat food without heavy seasoning anymore.

One thing about healthy eating, is to minimise all the additional “stuff” we add to out food. While I love the bursting flavours of all kind of spices (and yes I think they are great to use” if we can just eat the food “as it is” it would be the best. Unfortunately besides the fact that our palettes are “spoiled” with too much flavors in general there is another major problem – most food is now tasteless.

This is certainly the case for most imported food. By the time the food gets to your market from its original origin they have already lost their taste. This thought just strikes me every year when I am in Niseko, Japan where food is so, so, so fresh. Food here from vegetables to fruits, milk to eggs, fish to meat, everything is straight from the local farm (or pretty close by) the food itself are bursting with their OWN FLAVOURS. Tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, corn, fresh milk, eggs… I had no idea how they should “really” taste until I get here.

Every year I come here I found myself eventually stop cooking my food and eat them raw as I almost feel like I am ruining the taste when I cook them. It’s a bit of an exaggeration but there is some truth to that. Otherwise I do not even like to season them anymore. A lot of times I just eat them “AS IT IS”. Perhaps just a squeeze of lemon and black pepper.  Usually by the end of the first week I would be “allergic” to any artificial flavors, especially sugar. The real food itself is sweet enough sugar just taste fake, and your palette would become so sensitive to it you can identify it easily.

Sadly I am only here for a few weeks, but it reminds me the beauty of eating “local” So I am going to enjoy this as much as possible, and “cook” (honestly not much cooking involved” till I drop.

This morning I started with a mixed salad with some absolutely delicious fresh tofu that I bought from a special tofu shop, with one scrambled egg with an insanely orangey yolk and a slice of toast.


Samples of fresh tofu


Then I visited the cherry orchard with my children and had “as much as you want” (AMAYW) cherries.


Lunch was another salad with the other half of the “leftover” tofu with some lean tuna sashimi.


Dinner was pan fried local fish – finally something cooked but not even sure what fish it is… a spinach omelette and some brown rice.


Only condiments I used for all meals – Black pepper and squeeze of lemon.

Another magical thing about being in the countryside, it makes you want to work out (of course.. especially with all the food that you can’t resist!!)

Let’s talk more about that tomorrow.

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