Make your holiday workout a routine

A lot of people are going  away on summer holidays. It’s the time to have fun, relax, spend time with the family… and yes… indulge.. Emm.. It kinda depends where you go too. When I go on a beach holiday or.. like what I am doing now… spending my time away from the city and spending time in the countryside, I actually eat cleaner.

Nonetheless, it’s going to be unavoidable to have some indulgence while you are on holidays, and you definitely should. It’s no fun if you go on holidays and can’t eat anything. So slacking off on your exercise during the holidays will only leave you with more pounds.

Yea… we know it’s difficult for many people to stick to their exercise on holidays, here are some of my suggestions and tips.

  • Schedule your exercise into your day, but be realistic
    • Make time for it. But be short and sweet. Be realistic. You may not have time to do a 90 minutes workout. But 20 minutes everyday is better than nothing.
  • Plan your exercise
    • Besides making time for your exercise, plan it. plan the night ahead and find a short 20 minute workout or yoga sequence.  Do a class online (or watch on YouTube). I go on Yoogaia, an interactive online yoga class where you can take sweet 20-30 minutes yoga class from morning flow to power yoga to evening stretches. You can also watch recordings. When you have a good workout plan you would be looking forward to actually do it the next day. You can also alternate between different muscle groups, resistance vs. cardio, slow cardio vs. HIIT, and different yoga sequences.
    • On top of that keep a sweet core workout in hand. May it be 8 min ab or 47 crazy fun plank variation… Find something that interest you that you can throw on top if you ended up having an extra 5-10 minutes to top up your workout.
  •  Improvise and mix it up
    • There may not be a gym near by for your your exercise. Create a “home” routine like doing crunches, planks, or some yoga. There are a lot of exercise that you do not need any equipment.
    •  If you are going on a beach holiday or in the countryside, swimming, jogging, hiking, cycling, even walking are all great options. Stay active!

So last night, I plan my workout/yoga sequence the evening ahead. I looked up online for a routine I would like to do, and I take care of it first thing in the morning at 5am before the kids wake up.

Important note – I actually MAKE TIME for it, as I know as the day starts it will be harder for me to squeeze the workout in.

I started my day with 15 minutes jump rope. I have mentioned before that I joined a fitness program called Kenzai Body last year and got tremendous result. The Kenzai choice of cardio is jump rope, and I found jump rope a great cardio option for travelling. Like this morning, yes, I could get out for a jog but my kids were still sleeping when I did my exercise so I can’t really leave the house. So I just skip for 15 minutes on the deck outside of the house. Do you know 10 minutes of jumprope is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging? It’s fast, efficient and train your coordination as well. It takes a little time to pick it up, but after that it is a fantastic quick and convenient cardio during holidays.

Then I did some body weight exercise and some yoga. This morning’s workout was long (90 minutes this morning) but that doesn’t happen everyday. There are days that I only do cardio, or body weight, or yoga. Again, even 15-20 minutes it adds up.


Summer holidays can be a great time to eat clean and stay fit, even more so than when you are at work or at home… A little bit of planning and determination will get you there.

On top of that, indulge yourself moderately, and enjoy your holidays!!

Sharing with you a silly video when my daughter woke up in the middle of my yoga practice while I was taking my online yoga class.

Little girl came in when Mommy is practicing yoga….

Enjoy! =)

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