Why jump rope?

For those of you who have been following my posts, I have mentioned I joined at fitness program called Kenzai Body a year ago and had changed my view completely on both exercise and diet. It’s a program that is based on very basic exercise that you can do with minimum equipment and eating whole foods. I will continue to share some of the wisdom I got from the program but today I am just going to share one of the exercise I picked up from Kenzai Body – Jump rope.

In Kenzai Body, for 90 days you have to do cardio everyday, and the choice of cardio is…. yes.. skipping. I remember a lot of trainees (including myself) dreading ourselves into the skipping and swore that we could not skip and tried to find every single excuse possible to avoid skipping. Eventually unless you have a really good reason like you are missing an arm or something everyone eventually picked it up after a few days.

So why jump rope?

There are many reasons to that, but these are mine.

  1. It’s efficient
    • It burns 3 times as more calories as jogging. 10 minutes jumprope = 30 minutes jogging. For busy people this is the quickest fix cardio option ever.It’s an exercise you can do anywhere with minimal equipment. And you strengthen both your upper body, lower body as well as the arms.
  2. It’s cheap, portable and convenient
    • All you need is a jumprope that cost you $15-20 (for a really good one too!) and you can skip anywhere, rain or shine. You do not need a gym, a treadmill, a pool or anything. All you need is your jumprope and very little space, even in hotel rooms. It gives you no excuse for skipping your exercise.
  3. It’s fun
    • Once you get a hang of it, it’s quite fun. It trains your coordination skills. As a beginner skipper you can challenge yourself not to trip (although you may have a few days of frustration to start). I remember how happy I was when i did 1200 skips without trips the first time. Now we I skip I challenge myself for not tripping every day. On top of that, you can also start playing with variations, with one leg, criss-cross arms, or yesterday I just tried to skip jog,

Apparently skipping has lower impact than jogging if you do it right. I have stopped skipping for 6 months and just started picking it up again and remember how great it is to skip.

it’s a great cardio during travelling… As many people go away on summer holidays and have restrictions on working out, tgo get a jump rope and give it a try!!

Spending some time with the the person who introduced me to jump rope and he was “The Skipping Man” who was showing the kids in the camp on his skipping tricks! Looks like the kids were having fun watching too!

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