The perfect place to eat clean

So I am on holidays. Back in the city due to busy work I have not been exercising enough or eating well enough. I eat out a lot, and when I do cook I let those ready made sauce slowly creep into my booking.  I thought I would use my holiday time to clean up some of the bad habits and pick up some exercise.

I joined a program called Kenzai Body a year ago and got some pretty good results on losing some fat and getting rather fit. They have a 28 day Reboot program designed for people like me – people who have dropped their clean eating and exercise and wanted to get back in shape. One of the interesting (and important) component of Kenzai is that the trainees are required to blog and share their journey with the community. I thought I would share some of my posts on Kenzai with everyone on my blog from time to time.

So my first week assignment was to talk about where are doing our program. So here is my post.


I am currently in Niseko in Japan doing the first 2 weeks of Reboot. Most people only know Niseko for its skiing, but four years ago I discovered this place is absolutely beautiful in summer and have been coming here ever since.

The infamous mountain here is not Hirafu the ski mountain, but Mount Yotei, which is a dormant volcano that looks a bit like Mount Fuji. Because of the volcano the soil here are extremely fertile it produces abundant and freshest produce here in summer. Every week you see different fresh produce at the market coming straight from the farms. Early July you usually see strawberries, cherries, asparagus, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower… Then the melon, watermelon, corn starts to come out. In August you will see pumpkin, sweet potatoes and potatoes. Every week is different, but you can only find the freshest ingredients.

There are also lots of dairy farms here so you get really good milk and yogurt.. Perfect for Kenzai training. If full fat is an option you can get unpasteurised milk straight from the farm. They taste absolutely sensational.

And of course the eggs!! I wish I can get AMAYW (As many as you want in Kenzai terminology) eggs as the eggs here are super yummy. The egg yolks are bright orange in color I feel sad every time I dump them. I find the one full egg in the morning my biggest indulgence of the day. However even the egg whites are different. They are rich and chewy you can tell the protein content of these eggs probably higher than ordinary eggs.

And last of all the water!!! Since this is a snow mountain they have the freshest spring water that you can just collect from the bottom of the mountain.

The water comes from the rain and snow that falls in the Mount Yotei and accumulate over decades and then percolate underground and sprout out at the foot of the mountain after 70-80 years. It’s the best mineral water you can find and makes Evian tastes like crap. The water temperature is kept around 6.5 degrees Celcius throughout the year and its daily yield of water is about 80,000 tons. The water is almost sweet and with that your crave for any sugary drinks will absolutely go away. And cooking with this water makes a huge difference with the dishes. All the restaurants here specify they use Yotei spring water in their cooking and their baking.

So here I choose a picture of the famous Kyogoku spring, one of the heritage in Japan where you can collect fresh spring water.


Throughout the 28 days I would share with you my journey on Kenzai from time to time. It’s a great program that is based on real exercise, real food and real people. To find out more you can click on the following link.

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