Cold Ramen Salad

Still can’t resist the yummy curly yellow noddles here in Sapporo so what can you do with them? Besides making a bowl of homemade ramen as even easier and healthier way to use these ramen is to make ramen salad.

Cook the noodles ahead. Strain and let them cool down. I usually make extra anyways as my little girl can’t finish a whole serving.

For the protein, inspired by a ramen shop here which use minced pork with mustard and mayonnaise but to make it healthier my version is to use minced or cubed chicken). For this particular dish you want to cook the chicken first. Let it cool down then mix with mustard, black pepper and a tiny spoon of yogurt to add some moisture.

After that just add your salad vegetables. Lettuce, cucumber, bamboo shoots, corn… All make fantastic choices. For the “dressing” add balsamic vinegar and a teaspoon of orange or mikan (small tangerine which is in season in Hokkaido right now).

Super refreshing and healthy!

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