Eating Out Healthy

Sorry I have been missing a few days of blogs. While I was in countryside Japan the Wi-fi was quite slow and it was really hard to get all the media files up properly. Just got back to Hong Kong and have a lot of stuff to share so I will catch up on my writing! (So inspired yeah!)

I am still on the Kenzai Reboot program. I don’t exactly know whether I have lost a little weight during the holidays but a few people who saw me today told me I looked a little leaner.

In the program, we have to exercise every day and we have to follow a specific diet with allocated portion (e.g. 100g carbs, 120g protein, 200g vegetables etc.) with a few dietary rules including no salt and no sugar. While it’s still possible if you cook all the meals yourself it is challenging when you eat out.

Our Week 2 homework in the program is to eat out but try to follow the rules as much as possible.

Being able to eat out healthy is very important. The challenge was to practice having a meal out, without throwing your diet out.

So here is my Kenzai blog on my “Eating Out Challenge”.


While I mostly love to cook in the evenings when I am in Niseko, I do enjoy going out for lunch here. The weather is beautiful. Air is fresh. It’s just nice to sit outside and have an iced coffee and sunbathe myself with good food.

A lot of restaurants here run buffets with all the local produce (all you can eat vegetables!!!) then followed by a main course – usually a meat/fish/pasta. So sad I don’t have AMAYW (as much as you want in Kenzai language) vegetables quota this week if not I definitely would go for that.

We chose this cafe that we love. They have the best sandwiches in town. The signature is a scrambled egg, cheese and bacon sandwich on baguette but of course that option is not available for me.

I ordered an Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich on rye bread. I asked them to skip the butter and cheese but keep the pickles.

It came with a few cucumber sticks, carrot pickles and a little bit of mashed potatoes. I left the potatoes out as it was so creamy I am sure there was quite a bit of butter and mayonnaise in it.

The we split a green salad. And it was the greenest salad I have seen as it’s a salad with only lettuce, avocadoes, cucumber and onions with a very light vinegrette.

This meal has no protein (as all the other choices have mayo in it and they can’t take it out. I could have ordered eggs but I already used my eggs quota in the morning. Went home after and filled up the protein grams.

With fresh produce, you really don’t need much seasoning and condiments.

Absolutely enjoyable. And most important of all I had a lovely date with my hubby.


To follow my Kenzai journey, you can view at 

My Kenzai Reboot Journey

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