It’s all in your head, or should I say… on your head?

A friend of mine has initiated a 20 minutes Headstand Challenge for the last 30 days. It is one of the practice that I wished I would do more but never managed to do enough in yoga classes (in fact almost never). So when a bunch of my friends decided to pick up the challenge I thought I would give it a go too.

So everyday we did a 20 minutes headstand, and we post and share on Facebook. With all the friends joining together, posting our selfies and sharing our journey it definitely motivates us to do it everyday.

To see my full journey on 20 minutes headstand you can go to my


So today is Day 30. I have been maintaining this practice for the last 30 days and I have to say I really love it. Waking up and stand on the head for 20 minutes is not only a training for the body but also the mind. When you get into it it’s almost meditative, and it clears your head to start the day.

I am going to maintain this practice (maybe not 20 minutes every day as now I am up for other new challenges too!) but this will definitely be part of my daily practice, 5 minutes or 20.

I would love to share some more benefits on doing headstand but that is not my message today. I just come back to Hong Kong from a two week holiday and doing some writing and I came across a a blog post I wrote about a year ago.. Here is the original post I put up when I was on my Day 36 of  Kenzai Body program.


Day 36 – Out of the “Blues” and Out of the Blue


It looks like there has been a contagious Week 5 blues going around… I think everyone is getting a bit tired, hungry, or bored. I was feeling low too but in the fresh week I am trying to get out of the “blues” and gain some momentum back.

There was a special yoga class this morning that was definitely beyond my level. But being bold and brave I signed up intend to give myself a little push. The class involved a lot of advanced skills on arm balances and inversions – postures that I do not usually have much chances to practice on a daily basis (I usually take more beginner level classes). I was expected to fail in a lot of postures, which I did. In the middle of the class my teacher asked us to do a 5 minutes headstand. I have been at a stage of doing headstands with my feet against the wall, perhaps unsupported for a very short moment. I propped myself up against the wall and then moved my feet away. The timer was ticking and I was still holding my pose. I hold, and hold, and hold and “beep beep” finally the timer went off. 5 minutes unsupported headstand! Where did that come from?!!

The rest of the class was still challenging, but I found myself able to do a lot more arm balances and inversions that I have never managed to do before (or at least getting there). Out of the blue, without knowing it, I am now ready to get up to headstands and tripod headstands without the wall. It was all Kenzai’s work (as I do not practice those postures often). My arms and core are definitely getting stronger. The change was obvious through the tough postures. Amazing.

I left the class with extremely sore arms, I thought my Kenzai workout would be a disaster today. I started skipping. Unexpectedly, it was a good skipping day. First trip at 314, then another two in the next hundred ( when you start to trip you keep tripping?!) and after that I just cruised it all the way till the end! That’s more than 700 skips without a trip and a total of 3 trips in 1200 jumps! Wa la! My personal best!

I was really shocked by my own fitness level today. Maybe it’s just a  ” once in a blue moon” thing and tomorrow I will trip like crazy again. Maybe I won’t be able to do another 5 minutes headstand again. But today I felt like I was on a high and was at my “peak performance” (this is Kenzai’s old name). And darn it felt good.

I am ready to take myself to the next level, and I am intrigued to see how far can Kenzai push my physical limits to. Negative pull ups, you are next…

Link to the post: Day 36 – Out of the “Blues” and Out of the Blue


I just read this post and it’s just crazy.

“5 minutes unsupported headstand! Where did that come from?!!!” Did I write that???

I couldn’t believe a year ago I was bragging about my 5 minutes headstand and my 314 skips (and what was amazing it that I was actually counting!!) Now I am standing on my head for 20 minutes a day, and can skip continuously for 15-20 minutes… on a good day, no trips.

If you think you cannot do it.. it’s all in your head. Our bodies are amazing. If you think you are not flexible and never start stretching, it’s just going to get worse. If you think you never really exercised I tell you I would say the same thing two years ago. IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. You can do it. One step at a time, but work hard. When you look back a year later it will surprise you.

This phrase has become one of my own “mantra” and I would love to share it with you.

“True strength doesn’t derive from performing what you know you can do. But rather from surpassing what you thought you could not.”


I am finishing this post off with a video of me doing a little dance on the head. I can’t post a good resolution video on WordPress please click on the following link:

Cora’s Headstand practice

Handstand, you are next.


After note:

Headstand in Padmasana (Lotus) has become one of my favourite poses. The feature image it taken by renowned yoga photographer Richard Pilnick.

To see his amazing work:

Website |
Facebook |
Instagram |

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