The amazing use of yogurt

I always like yogurt, For almost a year now yogurt is something I eat on a daily basis. Besides eating it with your granola like most people do, I have experimented the amazing use of yogurt in cooking. Low fat (plain) yogurt is so useful and can be used in place of sour cream, cream, and mayonnaise in savory dishes. We can also use it in and on desserts. Greek yogurt, which is naturally thick and creamy, holds up well in cooked dishes. It is just a wonderful ingredient for healthy cooking.

Here are some ways you can put low fat yogurt to good use.

1. Making tandoori. Awesome marinade for chicken or fish. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to one cup of low-fat plain yogurt with minced garlic, curry powder, cumin, etc.
2. As dips. E.g. Yogurt dip with cucumber, garlic and herbs
3. As spreads on toast or used in sandwiches. My favorite is avocado yogurt spread.
4. In smoothies with your favorite fruit and crushed ice.
5. Making frozen yogurt icecream.
6. Making lassi (Indian yogurt drink).
7. As part of tangy creamy salad dressing as replacement of mayonnaise.
8. Making low-fat parfait with berries and whole-grain cereal or granola.
9. As replacement of sour cream on baked potatoes or in Mexican dishes, on tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, you name it.
10. In place of butter and oil in muffins and quick breads. I use yogurt to make banana bread.
11. In soups for a creamy texture as replacement of cream. Any creamy soup you normally would use cream you can replace with yogurt.
12. In curries as replacement of cream. I use yogurt to make thai chicken curry.
13. In pasta to give a creamy texture. I use it as replacement of cheese in Spagetti bolognaise or in pasta salads.
14. In sandwiches as replacement of mayo e.g, tuna “mayo” sandwich
15. In stews, chilis, stroganoffs. Add at the end of cooking, but with a gentle heat to avoid curdling. You can also stabilize the yogurt by stirring in a tsp of cornstarch before heating.
16. Yogurt cheese. A great alternative to cream cheese. Best with Greek yogurt as a thick and tangy spread that works well on whole-wheat toast and bagels. My favorite breakfast in the morning is low fat Greek yogurt mixed with chopped cucumber, tomatoes and red onions on a bagel.
17. Or simply enjoy just like that! My favorite is to add a bit of cinnamon on top for sweet or paprika for savory!

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