Egg Salad Breakfast Wrap

So I wrote about the amazing use of yogurt yesterday. Here is the link.

not have thought about before.

The Amazing Use of Yogurt

I thought today I would share a recipe using yogurt in a way that you may not have thought about before.

When I am on training diet my breakfast always contain eggs and yogurt. While a lot of time I eat them separately, this is a good recipe to mix two of them together. Add a bit of carbs and mix in some vegetables and that is your perfectly balanced healthy breakfast.

Egg Salad Breakfast Wrap

One hard boiled egg (feel free add another egg white for a fuller meal but only one egg yolk), tomatoes, black olives, cucumber, purple onions all chopped up, and then mix in low fat Greek yogurt, mix everything all up, and just throw them into a warm tortilla and wrap it up into a “burrito”.

I use Greek yogurt here because the texture is thicker. Natural Yogurt will not work so make sure you find low fat Greek Yogurt because the full fat ones pack quite a bit of fat content.

It tastes so creamy I feel like I am having cream cheese.  Did I tell you I use Greek Yogurt as substitute for cream cheese as well ? It also feels like eating an egg salad wrap without all the fatty mayonnaise. And since you have one egg yolk in this wrap it is mayonnaise, just minus the oil.

Give it a try.

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