Rule it Out

I am mostly a good girl.. 😊 Exercise is not really an issue for me. I stay active even when I am not on Kenzai (being a yoga teacher helps).

I eat pretty well most of the time too. I don’t crave for sweets too much (only occasionally). And I do not eat any junk or processed food at all. I don’t eat anything deep fried, or anything too fatty (except cheese). I do indulge in a few glasses of wine from time to time but that’s basically it.

My issue, however is portion control. Especially if I am HUNGRY. I actually gained weight and got out of shape after I become a yoga teacher, which sounds crazy, but absolutely not joking.

As my teaching schedule becomes busy sometimes I don’t have time to eat. And even if I do As I have to teach and practice throughtout the day I can’t eat much. A big lunch won’t do me any good in downward facing dog or cobra in class. So I tend to eat too little during the day.

Then when I come home in the evening I would be so hungry and tired and I need my comfort food. It usually mean a ridiculously large portion of pasta or noodles or whatever it is.. Usually too much carbs.. And then I collapsed.

So for me, my first big rule for myself to maintain healthy eating is:


Eat small meals throughout the day… And snack in between class. If I have to teach in the evening eat a small dinner before class, even it means I may puke in my class (just kidding).

That’s my note to self.

What is yours? Write it down and stick it on the fridge, on your tablet or anywhere as a reminder for yourself.

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