Yoga For All

Sorry I have been quiet.

I taught the biggest class of my life time last Sunday at an outdoor yoga event called #OMFESTHK, an all-day outdoor celebration of yoga, meditation and wellbeing.The idea of OMFEST is to bring together yogis and friends for a one-day festival in the heart of Central to set yoga free.

I was so blessed to have the privilege to teach at this meaningful event. It was the hottest day in Hong Kong in the year, yet hundreds, if not a thousand people turned up and practiced together. On the stage looking down  it was like seeing all the glittering bodies shining their heart and opening our minds and bodies free. It was the most beautiful class ever.

When I started yoga one of the reason is because yoga is something you can do anywhere, and you don’t need much equipment. All you need is you mat. Everyone should be able to afford it. However with expensive rent in Hong Kong sometimes going to yoga class or going to a gym becomes a “luxury”.The idea behind OMFEST is to bring yoga for all.

At the same time people are generally more relaxed when they practice outside of yoga studios. While I think serious practice is important, there are times I do find practicing in a yoga class can be a very egoistic practice. However at a yoga festival like this, people just feel more relaxed and more free… which is the idea for yoga right?

I am so happy to see there are more community classes running in Hong Kong. As weather cools down I am sure there will be more. It is really nice to see many enthusiastic teachers bringing yoga to the Hong Kong community. There are many classes running at the park, at the beach, at the pier… everywhere. If you are looking for reasonable priced drop in yoga classes there are now more and more options available.

I am happy and proud to be part of the yoga community in Hong Kong, and will continue to play my part in contributing and participating in the community, spreading yoga love to all.

Yoga for everybody! Yoga for all!

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