The cuddle puddle

I was teaching a late class last night, and didn’t get to put the kids to bed. I stayed up late to catch up with my work (well it’s Monday) and finally went to bed at 1am. 5 minutes later my daughter came to our room. No crying. Looking content. I took her back to her room and stayed next to her and trying to put her back to sleep but she was wild awake, asking for bed time story. We chatted about school. It seems like she “remembered” that i was not around for her today, and “needed” that chat. In fact my daughter used to stayed up and waited for mommy to come home whenever I was out in the evenings.

Half an hour later my son came into her sister’s room. Had the same “Why did I wake up in the middle of the night” and “I didn’t get to talk to you today at all” look. Then he crawled into his sister’s bed. We then all chatted for another 5 minutes and their voices slowly died down and went back to sleep.

First days of schools there are some hidden anxiety that perhaps even the kids themselves are not aware. Or maybe because I wasn’t home for them and they were “unconsciously” waiting for that good night kids and snuggle from Mom. I can see this pattern every time when there is a change in their daily routine or environment… May it be first days of school or first two days on holidays in the holiday home, or simply on the nights that I did not put them to bed.

I was sandwiched by these two for the rest of the night. Which means I didn’t sleep well. But they slept restfully and soundly for the rest of the night in the cuddle puddle.

5am in the morning I woke up with a stiff neck, and I am really sleepy. But I look at these two I knew they needed to sleep next to me last night. And I tell myself today I need to spend some quality time with them after school.

Time for a double expresso. Before I wake them up for school.

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