I love Flat Breads

Since I visited the new Mana Cafe on Pound Lane I am inspired with making my own flats. I am not exactly making my own flat bread (which I should) but I just like the fact that a flat allows me to load up a lot of vegetables (and protein) which out taking in more carbs.

Think sandwiches. It’s too much bread and you cannot stuff in too much veggies and protein without making it “decomposed”.

Same thing goes to Open Faced Sandwich… and when you put too much on the top the bread becomes soggy.

Then I think wraps. However same thing happens. I can’t fill enough veggies and protein inside the wrap without making it fall apart.

That makes the wonderful flat the person low carb choice to load up your veggies and protein.

The base

You can choose any flat bread as the base. However the bigger and flatter it is, the more stuff you can put on top.

  • Tortilla bread (flour, whole wheat, brown rice, corn) as the base. That’s what I use the most as they are thin, big and pretty low in fat and carb.
  • Naan bread ant Pita Bread, but they are a bit thicker and smaller in size.
  • Roti is another good one. But some Roti has very high content to fat so read the labels.
  • You can also make your own. We make homemade pizza doughs all the time at our house and sometimes I use them as the base of the flats when there are leftover doughs.

Flat Bread Recipe

The spread

You put a spread on top of the flat so that the topping will stick. Some ideas on the spreads:

  • Olive oil and Zaatar
  • Homemade tomato sauce
  • Greek Yoghurt (One of my favourite)
  • Mushed avocado
  • Any kind of nut butter – almond butter, cashew butter etc.

The toppings

Be creative. This can be a breakfast flat, lunch flat, dinner flat, even a dessert flat. But since you have a big surface area to work on you can pile up your vegetables and protein. Some of my favourites are:

  • Greek yogurt as the spread, then add smoke salmon, tomatoes and avocados, Top with a sunny side egg,


  • Olive oil and zaatar as the spread, then add mushrooms, truffle pate and a scrambled egg on top.


  • Greek yogurt as the spread, then add diced chicken, tomatoes and avocados makes a nice lunch flat.
  • Almond butter as the spread and add sliced banana, cooked apple and cinnamon and that’s my dessert flat.

The possibilities are endless. Give it a try and create your own version of healthy flatbreads… And…Go to visit Mana Cafe on Pound Lane to get “inspired”. It’s a lovely, quiet neighbourhood to hang out…


And of course your Mana Cafe visit is the best to combine with a nourishing yoga class before or after at YogaBamBam next door.


*** A little joke ***

The flat in the feature image is a complete “steal” from Mana Cafe. Every time I had trouble deciding what to get, as I want to try them all. So I decided to make my own.

This flat contains… Zaatar from “The Lennon”, Sunny Side Egg from “Da Vinci”, Mushrooms from “Teslar”, Red peppers from “Lao Tsu”, and Avocado from “The Einstein”. Too lazy to make garlicnaise so use whatever is in hand in the kitchen. I spreaded some hummus on the bottom, and added some grilled artichokes (have 3 pieces of leftover in the fridge), on a piece of whole wheat tortilla.

Complete copy cat. Copy and throw in things randomly here and there (including leftovers) then add a few random “personal touch”, definitely not as good as the original but it works.
Therefore this flat, I name it – “Tao Bao”.

More on Mana Cafe, go to http://www.mana.hk.

More on Yoga Bam Bam and class schedules go to http://www.yogabambam.com.hk.

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